Intelligent Robot, a Sharp Weapon for Epidemic Prevention, and a Preferred Key to Digitalization.

In the beginning of 2020, the outbreak and continuous spread of COVID-19 have paralyzed many enterprises. In such context, how to safely and effectively organize resumption of work and production and seize the initiative in economic development has become a top priority.

How to find a way out? Relying on technological innovation to change the working mode and using intelligent robots to replace manual work will become a win-win strategy for both anti-epidemic and development in the special period of COVID-19 epidemic.


iSoftStone Intelligent Robot assists in anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention with science and technology

As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone has innovatively developed an intelligent robot and adopted robot process automation technology to replace labor, thereby greatly reducing personnel contact infection, effectively preventing spread of epidemic caused by enterprises returning to work, and realizing intelligent and technological epidemic prevention.

As to iSoftStone Intelligent Robot, it only takes 2-4 weeks to complete a scenario. Production capacity can be seen within 1 development month. Besides, detailed demands facilitate flexible development and render low risk. Work efficiency determines competitiveness of enterprises. The application of iSoftStone Intelligent Robot can greatly improve work efficiency and strengthen enterprise competitiveness. According to statistics, in the completed scenarios, 95% of the workload was unattended, 98% of the data were in compliance, and 7X24 hours were unattended, thus improving work efficiency of customers by more than 4.5 times.

In addition, iSoftStone Intelligent Robot adopts cloud servers to greatly improve security. In terms of business application, the addition of AI facilitates connection between the robot and the front-end and back-end traditional systems, and processing of 95% of business logic and data analysis, thereby greatly expanding the scope of application scenarios, and making the business application rate reach over 70%.

iSoftStone Intelligent Robot can be applied in a wide range of scenarios

iSoftStone Intelligent Robot will greatly improve the production and operation efficiency of enterprises and provide multi-faceted values such as safety compliance, cost saving, quality improvement, business agility, customer satisfaction, etc. for enterprise operation and management.

At present, iSoftStone Intelligent Robot is widely used in a variety of workflow scenarios, such as capital robots, tax robots, financial robots, business robots, internal audit robots, etc. These digital labor forces make enterprise operations safer, "smart" and more efficient.

In addition to the financial industry, the robot can also realize fast scenario implementation in many other industries and work. Currently, there are many completed scenarios, such as PO data collection and entry robots, batch resume production robots, tax related party process robots, etc., featuring strong business applicability and sound service safety, and helping all walks of life to achieve efficiency improvement and management upgrading.

iSoftStone Intelligent Robot helps enterprises reduce cost and increase efficiency

Not only in such special period but also in the long run, telecommuting is becoming a vital part for enterprises, and AI transformation in enterprises cannot be separated from the application of intelligent robots.


In this respect, iSoftStone Intelligent Robot, as an efficiency star for enterprises, can be on the job 7X24 hours a day and will never be tired. Also, with high efficiency, it can liberate a large amount of manpower, and promote enterprises to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance management capability. The industry believes that as a high-quality digital labor force for enterprises, iSoftStone Intelligent Robot has brought efficiency leap and greatly accelerated transformation and upgrading process of enterprises. In the future, it will present more functions and greater value, further drive innovation of enterprise business model and management mode, and promote transformation and upgrading of economic digitalization.

The fight against the epidemic is still going on. iSoftStone will focus on playing a role in the national epidemic prevention battle, realizing scientific prevention and control of the epidemic, and promoting normal resumption of work in a timely and orderly manner. Besides, it will fully exert its digital service capability and make contributions to economic development, social progress and people's happiness.

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