iSoftStone Provides iCollege Intelligent Online Education Platform Free of Charge to Help Universities and Enterprises

The epidemic in 2020 has caused a severe impact on the whole nation, but life is still going on. The iCollege Intelligent Online Education Platform of iSoftStone University, an education brand of iSoftStone, provides free one-stop online teaching solutions for universities and enterprises, helping them to continue work and study during such period.

Realize online intelligent teaching to facilitate smooth teaching work

As a comprehensive online learning platform, the iCollege platform not only contains rich teaching resources such as videos, PPT and courseware, as well as online learning functions such as online Q&A, online homework, online examination, online programming, attendance check-in, etc., but provides professional teaching management and human resources management functions such as student credit management, learning behavior supervision, talent ability portrait, employment recommendation, etc., so as to comprehensively assist professional teaching and enterprises’ talent cultivation.


iCollege platform can provide 400,000 online teaching services

Diverse teaching resources

The iCollege platform offers extensive curriculum content. Taking business projects of front-line ICT enterprises as an example, the platform carries out design and development from technology application, employment characteristics and job requirements. It covers over 1,000 videos, courses, and massive question banks concerning ICT technology (Java, Python, C/C++, Android, big data, AI, etc.), human resources, project management, and professional accomplishment, which may greatly help college students and IT professionals to improve their abilities during special periods!


Assist enterprises in managing professionals

Featuring an integrated teaching system, the iCollege platform adopts AI+big data technology to analyze students' professional ability in a pertinent manner, form detailed professional ability analysis report, establish talent ability model, grasp employment needs of ICT enterprises, and accurately and quickly recommend outstanding talents by virtue of the comprehensive strengths of iSoftStone in the ICT industry.


The platform adopts AI+big data technology. Through AI learning situation brain system and credit system, it establishes students' learning files and talent ability models to realize accurate job matching and help students obtain accurate, fast and high-quality employment.

iSoftStone University has set up a reach recruitment resource pool, which integrates iSoftStone's own needs and recruitment needs of cooperative enterprises, recommends high-quality talents, and provides a large number of high-quality ICT employment opportunities.

Comprehensive strengths of the iCollege platform

SaaS model

There is no need to deploy servers, no equipment requirements, and no installation and maintenance costs. Only a computer with Internet access is needed.

Multi-terminal online

Support PC, mobile phone, WeChat applet, H5 adaptation, multi-terminal seamless learning.

Stable and reliable

The platform adopts micro-service architecture and container technology to realize automatic deployment and automatic fault recovery, and ensure the sustainable operation of services. All services are deployed on high-performance Huawei cloud hosts to ensure the platform's continuous service capacity to the greatest extent.

One-stop teaching

Provide one-stop management of teaching activities to ensure that online learning and offline classroom teaching are essentially equivalent. For example, teaching activities such as curriculum management, assignment, examination, learning situation and learning progress control, class community management, etc. are introduced to ensure that students' learning will not be affected by the epidemic.

Faced with such epidemic, iSoftStone will always use technology and software to tide over the difficulties with you together.



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