iSoftStone Shared Experience on Work Resumption Using Technology under the Epidemic Background

In early 2020, COVID-19 suddenly became menacing and significantly affects the production and life of people in China and countries overseas. Facing the rampant virus, scientific and technological powers play an active role in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic battle in the first place to help maintain social stability, medical treatment, and economic development.

On March 5, the IoT Think Tank joined hands with many excellent IoT enterprises to hold the Phase-III IoT Anti-Epidemic New Ecology series live broadcast exchange activities to discuss how IoT, AI, big data and other technologies can facilitate intensive supervision based on the concept of Tech for Social Good, Tech for Practical Purposes in such epidemic. Kai Xu, Vice President of iSoftStone, was invited to share his experience in applying high-tech against the epidemic and talked online about how iSoftStone can assist enterprises in managing work resumption and increasing efficiency.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, iSoftStone quickly launched 11 epidemic prevention and control products, including Epidemic Control Elf, Digital Employee, Remote Diagnosis and Treatment, and Remote Office. Among them, iSoftStone developed a Video Remote Diagnosis and Treatment and Collaboration Platform (the Platform) to help the vast number of medical and health workers fight against the epidemic, thereby creating more intuitive and vivid first perspective service.

Where are the experts? Can’t the experts come? At such an extraordinary moment, how to address these real dilemmas? The outbreak of the epidemic has brought about soaring medical workload, making medical expert resources one of the scarcest human resources in the front line. Besides, in case of important operations or key diagnoses, relevant experts are needed and multi-party communication and cooperation with local medical care is also a practical concern.

In this regard, the Platform can facilitate emergency treatment, carry out remote guidance and live broadcast of surgery, realize remote first perspective synchronization, multi-party cooperative consultation across regions and departments, etc., and provide services such as audio and video storage, real-time retrieval of data, etc. Moreover, experts do not need to be present in person, which greatly reduces the probability of cross infection and protects personal health and public health to the greatest extent. Through accurate expert coordination, front-line personnel deployment, communication and cooperation can be well carried out.

Xu shared the functions and characteristics of such Platform in the live broadcast. It is a comprehensive digital product based on cloud, management, edge computing and terminal and combined with AI + AR technology, including cloud platform, expert remote collaboration system and intelligent glasses terminal (built-in AI+AR system). The Platform can be connected with multiple intelligent terminals such as PC, large screen, mobile phone, flat panel, intelligent glasses, etc., and can be applied in multiple fields and scenarios such as remote diagnosis and treatment, equipment maintenance, remote training, cultural tourism, etc. Besides, it is easy to install and operate.

Meanwhile, personnel training and teaching guidance in the anti-epidemic front line and other working scenarios are also difficult. So the remote training function of the Platform will be a solution. It guides the operation process through AR, creates the first-view practical operation experience and the first-view barrier-free shooting operation process of intelligent glasses, helps students to obtain visualized and professional guidance of experts step-by-step in the first place, realizes intuitive and visual online training, and boosts various fields to win the epidemic prevention and control battle with immersive teaching mode.

At present, the Platform has been applied in a People's Hospital, a First People's Hospital, and a University's First Affiliated Hospital, and will be put into use in anti-epidemic front line.

Using technology to fight against the epidemic allows no delay. The launch of the IoT Anti-epidemic New Ecology series live broadcast activities has provided a more open and smooth information platform for the industry and a more practical and efficient anti-epidemic typical case for the society. In such context, iSoftStone has made great efforts to build the Platform in a bid to effectively mobilize expert resources, reduce medical worker allocation, reduce the risk of cross-infection, build a solid defense line for users' life safety with technology and wisdom, and help to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

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