“1+1>2” UFIDA Joins Hands with iSoftStone to Facilitate Digital Intelligence Transformation

In 2019, the government report once again emphasized the importance of expanding the digital economy.” The digital economy has become an important engine for the high-quality development of China's economy, and digital intelligence transformation has become the only path for enterprises.

Ecological partners for win-win cooperation

In August 2019, iSoftStone and UFIDA carried out in-depth strategic cooperation in advantageous industries and fields. Through the joint expansion of market space and research of future-oriented enterprise intelligent products and services, both parties hope to facilitate China's enterprise management and digital intelligence transformation, providing a new engine for tens of millions of Chinese enterprises in the era of digital intelligence.

As a leading China innovative software and IT services provider, iSoftStone has been deeply engaged in of the digital intelligence for nearly 20 years. Boasting profound industry accumulation and leading technical strength, it can provide customers with end-to-end digital intelligence products and services. Currently, it serves over 1,000 domestic and foreign customers in more than 10 important industries, including over 110 top 500 enterprises, creating value for customers in many fields and helping enterprises to realize digital intelligence transformation.

UFIDA has been focused on enterprise service for 31 years and is an advanced provider of software, cloud services, and financial services for enterprises and public organizations worldwide. Committed to promoting business and social progress with creativity and technology and UFIDA can promote digital intelligence transformation and business innovation through the construction and operation of the world's leading corporate clouds service platform. Corporate clouds services can be used on demand, thereby reflecting the ubiquitous value of intelligence, and making business innovation efficient and convenient. Upholding the principle of being a friend to customers, making continuous innovation and pursuing professing career, UFIDA, with its corporate clouds service as a digital business application-level infrastructure, has provided corporate clouds services to over 5.22 million enterprises and public organization customers, covering large and medium-sized enterprises and small and micro enterprises. Meanwhile, such service, as a co-creation platform for the enterprise service industry, will bring together more than 100,000 ecological partners and hundreds of millions of community individuals (members) to boost innovative development of tens of millions of enterprises and public organizations and promote progress and development of China's digital economy and intelligent society.

Win-win cooperation to build CRM marketing

In 2019, iSoftStone, together with UFIDA, created a brand-new customer relationship management model-ICRM system. Such a system builds a customer-centered marketing management system from 5 levels. First, in the aspect of customer management, it supports the whole life cycle management of customers and accumulates assets of enterprise customers. Second, in the aspect of sales management, it supports the closed-loop management of LTC sales process and makes the sales process more transparent. Third, in the aspect of business collaboration, it facilitates business collaboration automation, automatically checks the industrial and commercial registration information of enterprises through social-level data (TianYanCha), avoids customer conflicts between multiple business groups and divisions, and improves the overall operation efficiency. Fourth, in the aspect of personnel empowering, it may improve the professional ability of sales personnel. Fifth, in the aspect of decision-making empowering, it may enhance the decision-making ability of senior and grass-roots managers.

Through this strategic cooperation, UFIDA will give full play to its strength in the field of digital marketing and help iSoftStone to continuously and efficiently manage its marketing and customer operations. In the future, UFIDA and iSoftStone will continue to work together to strengthen the cooperation mode of products +solutions and provide a one-stop service for the vast number of enterprise customers.

Mutual complementarity to facilitate digital intelligence transformation

With years of consulting and business planning experience in digital intelligence transformation, iSoftStone not only customizes digital intelligence transformation strategies and road maps for customers, but provides end-to-end all-around high-quality services for digital intelligence transformation of enterprises in the era of digital intelligence.

UFIDA, based on the advantages of iSoftStone in terms of resource deployment, response speed, and talent quality, works with iSoftStone to carry out more extensive cooperation in the fields of group-level product research and development, industry company product research and development, regional-level project implementation and delivery, and giant project resource replenishment. Through the in-depth integration of both parties, the overall competitiveness has been built across industries and fields, from business consultation to solutions to the combination of suitable products.

Today, digital intelligence transformation is an inevitable topic for enterprises, and in the future, enterprises will surely become digital intelligence enterprises. The in-depth cooperation between iSoftStone and UFIDA in consulting, pre-sales, delivery, service, research, and development, etc. to provide one-stop solution services for thousands of enterprises, has become a new paradigm of professional ecological cooperation. In the future, both parties will strive to jointly provide customers with all-round digital transformation solutions, further empower enterprises, create future-oriented values, and boost the development of the digital economy.

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