iCollege Helps More than 20 Cities Win the Battle of Economy

Facing COVID-19, iSoftStone quickly responded to the national call and bravely assumed its social responsibilities. Its “iCollege Remote Cloud Education Platform” has been open to users nationwide for free during the outbreak of COVID-19. Based on the industry accumulation of iSoftStone, the Platform outputs enterprise-level core practical courses. As a professional online training and evaluation digital platform, it supports the whole-process online teaching, enabling evaluation, and academic credit management, and provides end-to-end talents meeting job requirements. It is a one-stop online education SAAS ecological platform featuring talent enabling and supply that integrates enterprises, schools and users.

Guarantee normal and orderly induction training for enterprises

The platform is designed, developed and deployed based on microservice cloud architecture. Technically, it adopts safe and proven B/S architecture and n-tier design mode and supports mobile terminal (Android, IOS and WeChat applet) and other terminal access. It is deployed on a high-bandwidth and high performance Huawei Cloud server through application cluster and therefore is characterized by efficiency, security and stability. During the outbreak of COVID-19, the platform guarantees the normal and orderly trial training for enterprises. On the platform, a total of more than 60,000 employees in more than 20 cities across the country are organized to accept online skills training, including epidemic prevention, work safety, health and hygiene and other courses as well as the skill training of 50+ categories, such as Big Data application and enterprise-level Java development.  

Assist colleges with online teaching

Due to the current epidemic, colleges and universities in China have postponed their starting date, which has a great impact on the actual teaching plan and teaching progress. In response to the call of the Ministry of Education, iSoftStone uses its leading iCollege to successfully provide more than 2,000 students from Business College of Southwest University, Chengdu Technological University and Wuhan Huaxia University of Technology, etc. with online courses, covering Java, C ++, Python, databases, Big Data, ICT cloud services, enterprise-level project practices and other technical courses. In this way, it has minimized the impact of the epidemic situation on the teaching plan, and enabled students to experience richer enterprise-level project management and development process while learning more knowledge.

Boost HR supply for enterprises and assist enterprises in work resumption

Backed by AI + Big Data technology, the platform has built an online community centered on learning, life, work and enabling. It supervises training process, quality and results, and delves and analyzes the professional ability students in a targeted manner, to form a portrait of talent capabilities and achieve intelligent recommendation for employment. The online talent recruitment module integrates online recruitment, enrollment, and training. During this critical period, the platform has organized about ten online publicity and recruitment activities covering 300+ colleges and universities nationwide and provided fresh graduates with 2,000+ jobs in more than 20 cities, including Wuhan, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Nanjing and Chengdu.

In summary, through the deployment of iCollege Remote Cloud Education Platform, the industry accumulation of iSoftStone for years, collection of enterprise digital training resources and HR supply mechanism have formed a synergy effect under the public health security emergency. Therefore, iSoftStone and ecological partners can quickly carry out trial training, and partner institutions could provide online courses, to supply human resources for enterprises in an efficient and accurate manner.

It is reported that iCollege is also included in the online teaching resource directory of skills training open to the public in Beijing, Xi’an, etc., which aims to help win the battle of economy during the epidemic prevention and control period.




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