A New Digital Experience in Cultural Tourism —— iSoftStone Waiting for You in CIFTIS

The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) kicked off at Beijing on September 4. This event is China's first major exhibition at the national level held offline since the COVID-19 outbreak. It is the world's first comprehensive exhibition in the field of trade in services, having attracted wide attention in the world.

As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider and trusted partner for enterprise digital transformation, iSoftStone participated in the CIFTIS, displayed its "Cultural Tourism Cloud Platform", "Cultural Relics 3D Holographic Projection". The "Cultural Tourism Cloud Platform", taking the global tourism cloud and the urban cultural cloud as the carrier, gathers Internet of Things (IOT) data, Internet data and relevant industry data. It takes the cloud platform and big data as the core to drive cities' cultural tourism industry to be digitalized and intelligent.

Digital intelligent platform facilitates "Internet" + "cultural tourism"

This digital platform can realize the intellectualization of the whole chain of tourism service, tourism management, tourism marketing and tourism experience. It can also combine "Internet" + "cultural tourism" through Culture Map, City Reception Hall and other items exhibited, and interpret cultural classics, intangible cultural heritage and former residence of celebrities through new technologies such as VR and AR and Rich Media, facilitating city to create its image and form a new business card from the cultural field. At present, the representative projects of iSoftStone include Ninghai Tourism Big Data platform, Inner Mongolia Yuquan District Holistic Tourism Destination and Big Data Platform for 2020 Conference of Hebei Tourism Industry Development, etc.

Cultural Relics 3D Holographic Projection injects new vitality to ancient cultural relics

The "Cultural Relics 3D Holographic Projection ", with its unique intelligent interactive system, can display the cultural relics in an all-round way for the viewers, injecting new vitality to the ancient cultural relics. This technology can display the production process and the historical stories of cultural relics through 3D animation. Viewers can switch the display contents and enlarge the model to view the details of the cultural relics with a simple hand gesture. It eliminates the users' pain points experience in the ordinary collection display cabinet such as "can't see clearly" and "can't understand", and enriches the interpretation of cultural relics and the exhibition view to viewers, greatly promoted the construction of digitalization of cultural relics.

At the fair, Jing Qi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Head of United Front Work Department of Beijing, visited the Cultural Services Exhibition Area, and affirmed the new prospect and new application of the projects exhibited by iSoftStone and other enterprises.

iSoftStone has served over 1,000 clients worldwide in more than 10 industries, and among them more than 200 are Fortune Global 500 companies or China Top 500 companies. With extensive experience and comprehensive technical capabilities, iSoftStone provides end-to-end digital solution and services to clients.

Through digital means, iSoftStone focuses on the integration of new technologies and cultural tourism industries. With a series of products and solutions such as tourism big data, holistic tourism cloud and urban culture cloud, iSoftStone gives full play to new advantage and new power in promoting the construction of intelligent tourism with "innovative management, full coverage of services and industrial integration". With the opportunity of this fair, iSoftStone will continue to empower clients through digital services and facilitate the development of China's digital economy.

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