2017 FMCG Digital Transformation Innovation Summit, iSoftStone To Unveil A Digital Future

IT experts will meet in Guangzhou to pave way for digital transformation of FMCG industry. The “2017 FMCG Digital Transformation Innovation Summit” (the Summit) will be sponsored by iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) on August 30. Over 100 Chinese and foreign top-class IT experts will meet in Marriott Hotel Guangzhou to pave way for digital transformation of FMCG industry.

The digital tide rolls over the globe, injecting vitality for economic reform and urban development. Retail and consumer commodities sectors have to embrace the harshest storm of digital technology because they are the closest to consumers and face rapid changes of demands. The managers of the two industries have to face unprecedented challenges: in addition to the ever-running system, they have to rely on digital technology and reform to create new income sources and improve customer experiences.  

Revolutionary technologies, represented by Cloud Computing, AI and IoT, come with the disruptive challenges, as well as bring new development opportunities that we never dreamed of.

The Summit will be a gala that you cant miss. Top IT experts from IDC, IBM, Huawei, Adobe, among others, will givekeynote speech and exchange ideas focusing on technical application and industrial development of FMCG againstthe trend of digital transformation. Mr. John Pen, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone will share his new thoughts about “Transformation of IT Services in An Era of Digital Transformation”.

iSoftStone, the sponsor of the Summit, is a leading provider of innovative sof-tware and IT in China. Dedicated to digital technology for years, the Compan-y uses Cloud Computing, Big Data, mobile Internet and AI technologies to w-ork out industrial solutions and help customers with “internal-external” transf-ormation. iSoftStone majors in software technology, corporate digital transfor-mation, Smart City, Cloud Computing & Internet platform services. So far it ha-s provided top services for over 1,000 domestic and overseas customers, incl-uding more than 90 Top 500 companies from FMCG, communications, banking, insurance, corporate finance, retail, e-commerce and manufacturing sectors.

Summit information


2017 FMCG Digital Transformation Innovation Summit


13:30, August 30, 2017


Banquet Hall, F3, Marriot Hotel, Grandview Mall, Guangzhou

New Vitality, Digital Future

iSoftStone unveils FMCG digital transformation, right on August 30

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