iSoftStone, Together with Its Subsidiary SWANLINK, Successfully Organized the First OpenAtom Developer Conference OpenHarmony Sub-forum

On December 16th, the inaugural OpenAtom Developer Conference, organized by the OpenAtom Foundation and themed "Everything for Developers", was successfully held in Wuxi. The conference featured multiple forums, workshops, exchange sessions, an open source market, and other exciting activities, aiming to empower developers comprehensively and accelerate the prosperity of the open source ecosystem. iSoftStone and its subsidiary SWANLINK deeply engaged in the conference and hosted the OpenHarmony Sub-forum. Centered around the theme "Technological Innovation, Illuminating the Future", the sub-forum explored new paths for OpenHarmony's technological innovation and business development. The goal was to pool collective wisdom and drive the open source ecosystem towards positive development.



Experts and scholars from organizations such as the OpenAtom Foundation, OpenHarmony Project Management Committee, OpenHarmony Open Source Community, and OpenHarmony ecosystem enterprises gathered together. They shared insights and discussed the best practices of OpenHarmony in various scenarios.


Zhang Jianping, the Finance Minister of the OpenAtom Foundation


Zhang Jianping pointed out that the rapid iteration of industrial digitization transformation and intelligent integration has made open source a crucial force in promoting large-scale collaboration and restructuring the industry chain. It plays a vital role in the convergence of digital and real, as well as in establishing a layout at the forefront of technology. OpenAtom Foundation's commitment to developers is foundational for the future of the industry. Everything comes from developers, and everything is for developers. This will also accumulate energy for the development of the global open source cause.


Qin Zhangbo, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone and General Manager of SWANLINK


Qin Zhangbo expressed that open source, open collaboration, and joint innovation have become important trends in China's software industry. iSoftStone has been at the forefront, contributing significantly to open source organizational projects and becoming one of the most important contributors to the open source ecosystem. She pointed out iSoftStone and SWANLINK will rely on their rich experience in open source technology, open source ecology, and open source practices. Guided by industry needs, they will further accelerate the landing process of open source commercial applications. Through mutual collaboration with ecosystem partners, they aim to promote the development of the open source ecosystem.


Ren Gelin, Chairman of OpenHarmony Project Management Committee (PMC)


In the theme presentation titled Interpreting Key Features of OpenHarmony 4.0 Release Version, Ren Gelin combined OpenHarmony's basic design principles, key features of the version, and technological core advancements. He introduced solutions that empower multiple industries and scenarios. He mentioned that with an increasing number of developers and open source enterprises joining the ecosystem, the technical foundation of OpenHarmony has become more robust. A new operating system designed for the era of comprehensive connectivity across all scenarios is emerging.


Li Chuanzhao, Vice President of Hunan OpenValley Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd.


In the theme presentation titled My 10,000 Hours with OpenHarmony, Li Chuanzhao mentioned that OpenValley continues to invest in research and development across multiple domains. With over 10,000 hours of focused technological dedication, they have completed the delivery of multiple project solutions, ensuring the continuous value of OpenHarmony's IoT features.


Yang Heng, Chairman of Wuxi Fantai Technology Co., Ltd.


In the presentation titled Fantai's System Application Development Based on OpenHarmony is Rising, Illuminating New Energy Vehicles, Yang Heng stated that as more automakers join the intelligent cabin application domain, Fantai Technology has taken the lead in launching the OpenHarmony Intelligent Cabin Development Training System. This initiative targets the education and training market while providing technical support for automotive enterprises.


Xu Zhe, Senior Technical Expert at SWANLINK (Jiangsu) Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Xu Zhe presented on Industry Technical Practices Based on OpenHarmony by SWANLINK.  He emphasized that based on the SwanLinkOS version iteration and the distributed soft bus feature of OpenHarmony, SWANLINK focuses on breaking through in the "1+4" industry scenario. They use the commercial display field as a breakthrough point, focus on industries such as mining, electric power, education and transportation, and collaborate with ecological partners to develop OpenHarmony products and solutions. This effort provides inexhaustible motivation for building a domestically controllable OpenHarmony industrial chain. At present, they have already empowered more than 30 strategic partners and implemented over 30 commercial products.


Gui Minshu, Director of Wuxi Tancheng Internet of Things Co., Ltd.


Gui Minshu presented on Empowering Road Transportation Industry Safety Production with OpenHarmony. He mentioned that Tancheng IoT, in collaboration with SWANLINK, has created a comprehensive commercial vehicle active safety system solution. This solution is based on the OpenHarmony intelligent in-vehicle terminal, vehicle supervision system, and third-party dynamic monitoring services.


Liu Yang, Vice President of Jiangsu Hoperun Software Co., Ltd.


In the sharing session Embracing Open Source, HiHope, Powered by OpenHarmony, Enables Digital Intelligence Across Various Industries, Liu Yang stated that HiHope, deeply rooted in the commercial release HiHopeOS based on OpenHarmony, empowers thousands of industries. They have launched a series of solutions in multiple domains and achieved success in commercial practice.


Sun Lian, Architect at OpenHarmony Community Development Department, Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd.


Sun Lian presented on Construction of OpenHarmony Open Source Operating System Compatibility Testing Capability. By introducing the technical achievements and practical applications of OpenHarmony compatibility testing, he shared the methods of constructing compatibility testing capabilities. This allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the critical nature of OpenHarmony compatibility testing.

Liang Zhenquan, Product R&D Director at Shenzhen E-commerce Security Certificate Management Co., Ltd.



In the sharing session titled Shenzhen CA Jointly Builds OpenHarmony Native Digital Authentication Security Edition, Liang Zhenquan introduced the OpenHarmony commercial release (oriented towards commercial-secret PKI security systems). This offering, jointly developed by Shenzhen CA and SWANLINK, provides an integrated solution for security-specific devices, operating systems, and more, establishing a new paradigm.


Fu Qing, Deputy Dean of OpenHarmony Research Institute, Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronics Inc


In the sharing session titled Practical Exploration of the First EAL4+ Level OpenHarmony Release Version LightBeeOS, Fu Qing mentioned that LightBeeOS is the first OpenHarmony release version certified at the EAL4+ level. Through a series of security features and practices, it provides robust security assurance for smart terminal devices.


Lu Zhigang, Senior R&D Director at ArcherMind Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.


In the sharing session titled R&D Practice and Industry Implementation of HongZOS Edition Based on OpenHarmony, Lu Zhigang stated that HongZOS release edition is a significant achievement in ArcherMind Technology's deep cultivation of the OpenHarmony ecosystem. Currently, ArcherMind Technology has launched a series of hardware and software products and services targeting various industries with HongZOS release edition as the mainline.


Liu Kaijun, Marketing Director at Shenzhen Tactile Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.


In the sharing session themed Solidify the OpenHarmony Hardware Platform, High Standards Facilitate Steady Deployment and Rapid Growth of OpenHarmony in Various Industries, Liu Kaijun stated that Tactile Intelligence Technology has introduced the Purple PI OH development board. This serves as a crucial initiative in their OpenHarmony southbound ecosystem construction, ensuring a solid application of OpenHarmony across various industries.


Shi Wei, Director of Teaching Research Product at Beijing iSoftStone Education Technology Co., Ltd.


In the sharing session titled OpenHarmony-Based Industry-Education Integration Practice and Teaching Case Sharing, Shi Wei introduced iSoftStone Education from multiple dimensions such as business types, product systems, and industry qualifications. He focused on sharing iSoftStone Education's practical experiences and achievements in the industry-education integration with OpenHarmony. Moreover, he demonstrated and explained the latest practical teaching cases of OpenHarmony, bringing confidence and inspiration to all developers.
The successful organization of this sub-forum not only provided abundant content for all developers and participants but also offered effective examples of the various issues and challenges faced in the development of the OpenHarmony ecosystem. Taking this opportunity, it is believed that more open source enterprises and developers will contribute to the construction of the open source ecosystem, injecting sustained energy into the development of the open source ecosystem. Looking ahead, iSoftStone, along with SWANLINK and the OpenAtom Foundation, will collaborate with ecosystem partners to focus on the innovation and application of the foundational technology in the open source ecosystem. Through more open source commercialization practices in various scenarios, they aim to deepen and solidify the development of the open source ecosystem.

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