iSoftStone Joined Hands Again with Fujian Unicom to Deepen Strategic Cooperation

On December 25th, the Fujian Unicom Ecological Partner Conference, hosted by China Unicom Fujian Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Fujian Unicom"), was grandly held in Fuzhou. Under the theme of "Connecting Thousands of Industries with China Unicom to Create a Digital Intelligence Future", the conference gathered industry elites, experts, scholars, and outstanding representatives from various enterprises to jointly focus on building a powerful network and promoting the construction of a digital China, exploring the path of digital development in Fujian Province. Huang Li, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone, and Senior Vice President Chen Liming attended the relevant activities of the conference. During the event, they reached a strategic agreement with Fujian Unicom on the "Industry Innovation Capability Collaboration Plan" and received two awards.


Chen Liming, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone (third from the right)

Fujian has always aimed to seize the strategic high ground of informationization. With strong support from regional policies and initiatives such as the "Strengthening the Foundation" action for new infrastructure, Fujian has created a favorable environment for the collaborative innovation of more enterprise forces. As a significant participant in the digital transformation of Fujian, Fujian Unicom has deeply cultivated main business of network communication, computing network, and digital intelligence. Collaborating with various partners, it has achieved fruitful results in digitalization. During the conference, Fujian Unicom, along with multiple partners, jointly signed the "Industry Innovation Capability Collaboration Plan". Based on this plan, iSoftStone and Fujian Unicom will carry out all-around and in-depth cooperation in the field of innovative business. They will leverage industry advantages, establish a stable mechanism for collaborative innovation, and jointly explore the best practices for the digital transformation of Fujian Province. Chen Liming, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, attended the signing ceremony.


Huang Li, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone (leftmost)


Chen Liewei, Consulting Director of iSoftStone (eighth from the left)

At the award sector, Fujian Unicom, in recognition of the positive contributions made by top partners to the digital development of Fujian, presented iSoftStone with the "Annual Special Contribution Award" and the "Annual Excellent Cooperation Award". Executive Vice President Huang Li, and Consulting Director Chen Liewei of iSoftStone respectively participated in the award presentation segment. The two awards not only reflect Fujian Unicom's affirmation of the outstanding digital technology service capabilities and business achievements of iSoftStone but also represent the boundless possibilities for further deepening cooperation between the two parties.

For a long time, iSoftStone has been focusing on providing advanced digital technology services and comprehensive solution services for telecom operators, showcasing benchmark cases in areas such as cloud computing, big data, industrial internet, information innovation, smart automobiles, etc. Leveraging its profound industry expertise, iSoftStone, in collaboration with Fujian Unicom's leading communication infrastructure capabilities, jointly construct and create across three dimensions include business development, industry empowerment, and shared capabilities. At present, the two sides have jointly created solutions in the fields of medical health, smart computing centers, digital parks, digital villages, and information innovation, providing efficient and feasible digital transformation services to customers.

Innovation drives development, and cooperation consolidates strength. In 2024, iSoftStone will continue to collaborate with Fujian Unicom and more ecological partners in the fields of cloud computing, big data, computing centers, information innovation, industrial internet, etc. They aim to jointly create more extensive and deeper business opportunities, empowering Fujian's digital economic construction for quality and efficiency improvement.

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