openGauss Summit 2023 | Building Open Source Ecology, iSoftStone Enterprise Database Officially Released

Recently, the openGauss Summit 2023 with the theme "Gathering Database Innovation Forces, Creating the Cornerstone of Data for Thousands of Industries" was held in Beijing. iSoftStone attended the joint release ceremony of the openGauss database distribution and officially launched the iSoftStone Enterprise Database.



Fundamental software is the soul of the new generation of information technology and the foundation for the development of the digital economy. As one of the most crucial foundational software in the IT industry, databases serve as the cornerstone for data in thousands of industries and are at the core of driving the development of the digital economy.

iSoftStone, as an ecological partner, was invited to attend the openGauss Summit, where discussions took place among industry representatives, database experts, industry users, scholars, and openGauss community contributors. The topics included trends in the database industry, sharing experiences in ecological co-construction, and showcasing innovations in databases.


Building the openGauss Community Ecology

iSoftStone has long been actively participating in the construction of the openGauss open source ecosystem and fully embraced the openGauss community. Based on the openGauss kernel, iSoftStone has released the commercial version of the iSoftStone Enterprise Database, along with database management and migration tools. These are tailored for industries such as banking, insurance, corporate finance, and electricity, providing comprehensive industry solutions for database consultation, migration, and operation and maintenance. After continuous cultivation, iSoftStone is currently among the leaders in contributing to the openGauss community.




iSoftStone Enterprise Database, abbreviated as ISSEDB, is an independently developed, secure and controllable database by iSoftStone based on the openGauss kernel. It supports various processors such as Intel and Kunpeng, featuring high performance, high availability, high compatibility, and automated operation and maintenance. It can provide efficient, stable, and professional database services for customers in various industries.

Additionally, ISSEDB has been adapted to iSoftStone Enterprise Operating System (ISSEOS) developed based on openEuler. With excellent compatibility performance and efficient operation, the combination of these two products can provide customers with more comprehensive solutions. The launch of ISSCDC signifies iSoftStone's further maturity in the product ecosystem within the data services field.

In the future, iSoftStone will continue to increase its investment in technological innovation, maintain close cooperation with the openGauss community, and jointly promote the development of the database industry, shaping the future of the data economy.

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