Co-Creating a New Chapter in Open Source - iSoftStone Subsidiary SwanLink Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Harmony Ecosystem Services Company

Recently, iSoftStone's subsidiary, SwanLink, and Harmony Ecosystem Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Harmony Ecosystem Services Company") successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will collaborate to enhance resource interconnection, jointly explore OpenHarmony application scenarios, and expand market space, promoting the application and development of OpenHarmony in various industries and domains. The signing ceremony was attended by SwanLink's General Manager, Qin Zhangbo, and Harmony Ecosystem Services Company's General Manager, Du Jinbiao, among other leaders from both sides

Signing Ceremony: Qin Zhangbo (left 3), Du Jinbiao (left 4)

Under this agreement, SwanLink will be one of the first partners of Harmony Ecosystem Services Company, focusing on operating system technological innovation, ecological prosperity, and application implementation. Together, they aim to provide reliable infrastructure support for industry informatization and digital construction. Adhering to the cooperation principle of "complementary advantages, mutual development", both parties will engage in comprehensive collaboration around business opportunities, technical consultation, talent development, policy guidance, technical certification, and market promotion. Leveraging SwanLinkOS as the ecological foundation, SwanLink, through its solutions in industries such as business displays, mining, education, transportation, and energy (electricity), will work with a matrix of smart products jointly developed with partners from various industries and domains. This collaboration, combined with the strong resource integration and industry driving force of Harmony Ecosystem Services Company, aims to jointly advance comprehensive cooperation in the Harmony ecosystem, co-building a prosperous Harmony ecosystem.

Open source is the future direction of the digital service and software industry, and OpenHarmony is a key factor in transforming China's basic software from "quantity" to "quality". It serves as a digital foundation for efficient collaboration and intelligent interconnection across various industries. iSoftStone and SwanLink are firm believers in this transformation.

Recently, units including the Chinese Academy of Engineering released the 2023 Global Top Ten Engineering Achievements, with the Harmony operating system listed among them. This represents a technological innovation for the intelligent era across various scenarios. To firmly grasp the strategic opportunities for the development of the OpenHarmony operating system, and accelerate the innovation and development of the OpenHarmony industry, cities such as Wuxi, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Dongguan, Nanjing, and Xiong'an New Area have successively introduced industry support policies. They are committed to building a highland for the OpenHarmony industry that leads globally in core technology, industry aggregation, rich application scenarios, complete ecological support, and global influence. iSoftStone and SwanLink are deeply involved in this initiative.

In the future, SwanLink will continue to focus on the development and innovation of the "root" technology of the open source operating system, centering around SwanLinkOS. It will closely follow market demands and pain points, collaborate with Harmony Ecosystem Services Company and more industry partners, and accelerate the prosperity and commercial deployment of the Harmony ecosystem. This effort aims to contribute to the flourishing of the open source ecosystem.


#Harmony Ecosystem Services Company, with the vision of "accelerating the flourishing development of the Harmony ecosystem and building the digital foundation for thousands of industries", is the construction and operation unit of the Harmony ecosystem innovation center. It provides services such as policy dissemination, subsidy application, business opportunity docking, technical support, brand promotion, talent cultivation, testing certification, etc., to Harmony ecosystem partners. Together, they work to promote the development and prosperity of the Harmony ecosystem industry and jointly build the next-generation intelligent terminal operating system root community.

#SwanLink, a subsidiary of iSoftStone, is a company focusing on the research and industrialization services of intelligent Internet of Things operating systems. Headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu, it uses OpenHarmony as its technological foundation, concentrating on providing Harmony-based full-stack services and solutions in vertical industries. SwanLink creates value for customers, empowers various industries, and promotes the interconnection of all things.

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