Building the Digital Xiong'an Together - iSoftStone Subsidiaries Cooperate Strategically with Xiong'an Unicom

On January 10, iSoftStone's subsidiary companies, namely Hebei Xiong'an iSoftStone Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Xiong'an iSoftStone Technology"), SwanLink (Jiangsu) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "SwanLink"), Hebei Xiong'an iSoftStone Education Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "iSoftStone Education"), and China United Network Communications Corporation Hebei Xiong'an New Area Branch (referred to as "Xiong'an Unicom"), signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the Xiong'an New Area. The signing ceremony was attended by Wang Xiaoliang, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone; Wang Zhai, Director of Comprehensive Management Department at SwanLink; Li Yan, Deputy General Manager of iSoftStone Education; Gou Shanwen, General Manager of Xiong'an Unicom; Feng Jianping, Deputy General Manager; Qiao Jie, Deputy General Manager, and others.


From left to right: Wang Xiaoliang, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone; Feng Jianping, Deputy General Manager of Xiong'an Unicom; Li Yan, Deputy General Manager of iSoftStone Education


Xiong'an New Area, as a major decision of the central government for the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, aims to build a "City of the Future" with a focus on green, smart, and resilient features. The Outline of the Hebei Xiong'an New Area Plan clearly states the goal of creating a digitally advanced city in the world with deep learning capabilities. Therefore, in the construction process, "digital" is one of the core elements of the new area's development. It involves strengthening the efficient configuration of digital innovation elements, accelerating the integration and application of next-generation information technology, promoting the cluster development of the digital industry, and providing a fertile ground for the landing and rooting of the digital economic industry.

Through this agreement, iSoftStone and Xiong'an Unicom will jointly explore new models, new formats, and new applications in the digital economy. According to the agreement, the parties will leverage national policies such as new infrastructure and digital transformation, harness their respective advantages, focus on "5G+" and "Digital Intelligence+", and collectively promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of Xiong'an New Area. They aim to elevate the level of domestic independent innovation applications in the industry, contributing to the construction and development of Xiong'an New Area. Among them, all parties will collaborate in various fields, including cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, digital twins, software and digital technology services, digital operational services, school-enterprise cooperation, education and training, talent supply, etc. Through the establishment of a leadership group, the formation of special workgroups, and other collaborative initiatives, they aim to assist in the organization and implementation of daily work, accelerate project expansion in target markets, and ultimately achieve mutual success for enterprises and society.

Group Photo at the Strategic Signing Ceremony

As a pioneering force in the construction of the "City of Digitalization" in Xiong'an New Area, Xiong'an Unicom relies on advanced technology and rich experience to play a crucial role in promoting information construction in the new area. Currently, Xiong'an Unicom, based on digital services, is contributing to the development of various industries by enabling them to "go digital and smart". It has accumulated 23 industry benchmark cases in areas such as smart cities, digital government, industrial internet, ecological environment protection, culture, and tourism. iSoftStone, as a leading domestic software and information technology services provider, rooted itself in Xiong'an New Area early on. It has previously cooperated with departments such as the Xiong'an New Area Transformation and Development Bureau, Investment Promotion Center, and Xiong'an Group. iSoftStone has actively contributed to the high-quality development of Xiong'an New Area by participating in projects such as the construction of the Hua Wang City industrial ecosystem by Xiong'an Group, consistently bringing innovative applications and solutions to the region.

Xiong'an iSoftStone Technology is the foundation of iSoftStone in Xiong'an New Area, dedicated to providing efficient and professional digital services for regional digital transformation since its establishment. With strong support from iSoftStone, Xiong'an iSoftStone Technology continuously expands its business scope, gradually becoming an influential force in Xiong'an New Area. In the future, through complementary resources and strong collaboration with Xiong'an Unicom, they will provide more innovative solutions for the digital transformation of Xiong'an New Area, contributing to the solid foundation of constructing the "City of the Future" in Xiong'an.

SwanLink is the vanguard of iSoftStone in practicing the open source strategy. The conclusion of this cooperation signifies that it will play a more significant role in the construction of the Harmony ecosystem in the new area. Focusing on the creation of the "Harmony Park" experimental demonstration project at the Xiong'an Science and Technology Comprehensive Service Center, iSoftStone is building practical and experiential OpenHarmony device application scenarios. They aim to achieve a full range of OpenHarmony product updates covering areas such as senseless passage, green and low-carbon initiatives, and intelligent office solutions within the park. This initiative is designed to provide a new smart experience for park employees and establish the Xiong'an New Area's "Harmony Park" as a benchmark. Notably, the intelligent gate series products, gas alarm solutions, and social security card one-card solutions developed by SwanLink with its proprietary SwanLinkOS operating system have been successfully deployed in commercial scenarios in Xiong'an. Simultaneously, efforts are underway in an organized manner around the construction of the City Harmony Ecosystem Chain Industrial Base, the establishment of the City Harmony Laboratory, the establishment of the Harmony Innovation Center, and the creation of a talent center in Xiong'an.

As a brand under iSoftStone, iSoftStone Education is a one-stop talent development and supply platform deeply engaged in the domestic integration of industry and education in the digital industry. In this collaboration, iSoftStone Education will comprehensively coordinate and collaborate with Xiong'an Unicom in talent supply and development, as well as talent ecosystem construction. Leveraging the resource advantages and strong industrial capabilities of iSoftStone, the company will continue to deepen cooperation in school-enterprise collaboration, education, and training initiatives. It aims to provide support for the development of Xiong'an New Area through a systematic talent cultivation model.

In the future, with the continuous deepening of collaboration between iSoftStone and Xiong'an Unicom, both parties will explore more cooperation opportunities and business breakthroughs. They will actively contribute to the digital transformation and high-quality development of Xiong'an New Area. Meanwhile, iSoftStone will continue to leverage its strengths, collaborate with more ecological partners, and actively participate in the construction and development of Xiong'an New Area, providing robust support for the creation of a smart and digital Xiong'an.

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