iSoftStone Initiates Kunpeng Native Development Cooperation

On January 25th, iSoftStone officially launched cooperation for Kunpeng native development. In the future, it will conduct native application development in industries such as finance, electric power, and healthcare based on Kunpeng hardware foundation, openEuler, development kits like Kunpeng DevKit, and application enablement kits like Kunpeng BoostKit. iSoftStone will also continuously release higher-performing commercial software versions for Kunpeng, aiming to create a model for Kunpeng native application development collaboration.


Both parties held a signing ceremony in Beijing. More than ten individuals attended the meeting, including Liu Tianwen, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, Liu Huifu, CTO of iSoftStone, Zhang Huahua, Vice President of Huawei Computing Product Line, Chen Chao, Vice President of Huawei Kunpeng Computing Business, and others.  During the ceremony, Gao Pei, Vice President and Deputy General Manager of ICTT Business Unit at iSoftStone, and Chen Chao, Vice President of Huawei Kunpeng Computing Business, signed the iSoftStone & Kunpeng Native Development Cooperation Agreement as representatives.


Since 2020, iSoftStone has established a strong ecological partnership with Kunpeng, conducting continuous and in-depth cooperation based on the Kunpeng hardware and software platform. This collaboration aims to provide customers with leading applications and solutions. Currently, more than 20 products from unknown placeholders have completed Kunpeng Compatible certification. Choosing Kunpeng as the primary technological path, iSoftStone will gradually initiate native application development in key industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and electric power. The aim is to provide customers with products and solutions that are not only superior in performance but also more secure. The specific cooperation for Kunpeng native application development is as follows:


Integrated Management Platform for Medical Community

Primarily used in smart healthcare scenarios, iSoftStone has already launched the Kunpeng-based Unified Management Platform for Medical Communities. The company will continue to iteratively develop native applications based on Kunpeng. By fully utilizing Kunpeng DevKit and Kunpeng BoostKit for efficient development and performance optimization, iSoftStone aims to enhance the Medical Community solution, thereby contributing to the improvement of the quality and efficiency of county-level healthcare services.


Tianshu iSSMeta

It is primarily used in industrial digital twin scenarios, and the development of native applications based on Kunpeng will assist Tianxu iSSMeta in better leveraging its foundational capabilities. This approach aims to swiftly construct applications with enhanced performance and security tailored to various sub-domains, empowering the transformation and upgrade of industrial manufacturing.


T6 Treasury Management System

It is primarily used in fund management scenarios, and the development of native applications based on Kunpeng will effectively enhance the efficiency of enterprise fund concentration, dynamic monitoring, and risk prevention in fund operations. This will aid enterprises in efficiently managing and optimizing global fund flows.


USP Unified Service Platform Solution

Applicable to various scenarios such as smart power, it is a general-purpose platform for low-code data visualization application development. After the development of native applications based on Kunpeng, it will assist the platform in building more efficient and secure big data capabilities, facilitating the intelligent transformation of industry users.


Bill Management System IDMS

It is primarily applied in smart finance scenarios, and the development of native applications based on Kunpeng will empower the platform to enhance risk prevention capabilities in the bill business. This will effectively meet the comprehensive application and control requirements of group enterprises for bill management, supporting business operations and ensuring steady development.


Cloud Middle Office - Chongming

It is primarily used in data governance scenarios, and the development of native applications based on Kunpeng will enhance the platform's data processing capabilities, helping enterprises truly build up data productivity.


Meanwhile, iSoftStone is actively involved in various levels of the Kunpeng computing industry ecosystem, with initiatives and achievements in Euler operating system and Gauss database. Built upon openEuler, iSoftStone has developed the Tianhe Operating System (ISSEOS), which features high performance, efficient operation and maintenance, high compatibility, and high reliability. It is suitable for various application scenarios, including databases, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, based on the openGauss kernel, iSoftStone independently developed the Tianhe Database (ISSEDB), providing efficient, stable, and professional database services for customers in various industries.


Huawei is deeply cultivating computing power foundations, focusing on Kunpeng's innovation in basic hardware and software capabilities. Collaborating with partners and developers, Huawei aims to create a more open and user-friendly platform, serving users, and delving deeper into industry digitization. At present, Kunpeng has more than 4,700 partners, 3.1 million developers, and over 14,500 industry application solutions certified through Kunpeng compatibility testing. Simultaneously, Huawei will continue to enhance its software and hardware integration capabilities, providing exclusive full-stack technical support to Kunpeng native application development partners. This support aims to assist partners in developing native applications, building leading product and solution competitiveness. Additionally, in collaboration with partners, Huawei aims to create a technical community for Kunpeng native application development. They are establishing an open, cooperative, and shared platform to help partners accelerate landing in core industry scenarios and ultimately achieve business success.


Kunpeng native development aims to provide partners with Kunpeng hardware foundations, openEuler, Kunpeng DevKit development suite, and Kunpeng BoostKit application enablement suite. This initiative helps partners build software engineering pipelines, enhance research and development efficiency, continuously release Kunpeng commercial versions, and provide customers with consistently leading products and solutions. Following the signing of the collaboration agreement, both parties will embark on native application development leveraging the Kunpeng platform. By fully harnessing their individual technological and industrial strengths, they seek to bolster product competitiveness and facilitate the digital transformation of a myriad of industries.

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