Collaborate for Innovation, Achieve Mutual Success | iSoftStone’s Year End Appreciation Event of Huawei Cloud Eco-partners and the Joint Solution Release Event Were Successfully Held

On January 25th, iSoftStone invited Huawei Cloud, ISV ecosystem partners, cloud distributors, and numerous partners to gather in Shenzhen, successfully hosting the "2023 iSoftStone Huawei Cloud Eco-Partners Year-end Appreciation and Joint Solution Release Event." The attendees reminisced about the remarkable achievements and experiences of the cloud journey in 2023, sharing insights and reflections. They collectively explored the cooperation prospects and development directions for 2024. Together, they witnessed the official launch of iSoftStone's AI Large Model Services Solution and the next-generation Smart Factory Joint Solution.


Huang Ying, Director of iSoftStone


In his opening speech, Huang Ying, Director of iSoftStone, expressed sincere gratitude to Huawei Cloud for its strong support, clients for their full trust, partners for their deep collaboration, and the team for their dedicated efforts. In 2023, iSoftStone focused on digital innovation businesses such as consulting and solutions, cloud intelligence, information innovation, and OpenHarmony/Euler, industrial Internet of Things, AI, and large model applications, digital infrastructure, and system integration. The company successfully launched digital innovations represented by the Tianxuan 2.0 MaaS platform and Tianxuan AI Copilot, achieving over 100% growth in core performance for Huawei Cloud. In the future, iSoftStone will continue to maintain a long-term strategic alignment with Huawei, adhering to a client-centric approach, and empowering diverse industries in their digital transformation and intelligent upgrading.


Tao Zhiqiang, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China and Director of Huawei Cloud Ecosystem Development and Operations


"Huawei Cloud will steadfastly increase resource investment, enhance service capabilities, and collaborate with partners and clients to build a thriving cloud ecosystem," said Tao Zhiqiang, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China and Director of Huawei Cloud Ecosystem Development and Operations, during his attendance at the conference. He emphasized that Huawei Cloud's positioning is to be the fertile ground for the intelligent world. Tailored development paths and support are designed for partners in different roles, aiming to collectively provide higher-value services to clients." As a core strategic partner of Huawei Cloud, iSoftStone has achieved remarkable success in capacity enhancement and ecosystem development in recent years. It is hoped that both parties can collaboratively create more high-quality offerings, working together to provide clients with quickly access to various services.


Reflecting on moments in fervent flight, through tumultuous clouds, still remains serene and bright


Tang Fanghu, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone and General Manager of Huawei Cloud Sales


Tang Fanghu, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone and General Manager of Huawei Cloud Sales, shared business insights and plans. In 2023, iSoftStone achieved another record-breaking performance with Huawei Cloud, doubling its core performance and driving significant growth in signed deals for proprietary products and services. We have continuously exerted efforts in building an operational ecosystem through initiatives such as establishing the "Cloud Dynamic · Data Intelligence Alliance," signing ISV strategic agreements with industrial software, and hosting events like "Major Clients Visiting iSoftStone." In 2024, iSoftStone will leverage its accumulated capabilities in the ITS service industry, fully focusing on the development of information innovation, as well as infrastructure businesses in software, hardware, and integration. The key areas of emphasis include breakthroughs in HarmonyOS native apps and meta-services, ERP, and legion offerings. The goal is to target key clients and achieve further business growth.




The choices and affirmations from our clients, along with the support and trust from our partners, are essential nutrients for the growth and development of iSoftStone. In 2023, through sincere collaboration with clients and partners, iSoftStone delved deep into the market. While achieving outstanding performance, it also established business benchmarks in multiple industries, providing replicable templates of experience for corporate digital transformation. The conference featured special awards such as the Collaborative Achievement Award, Breakthrough Performance Award, and Outstanding Contribution Award to express gratitude and commendation for the sincere cooperation, joint efforts, and pioneering spirit of clients and partners. Representatives of outstanding partners, Yan Zhijian, Client Manager at Shenzhen Webuild Technology, and Wu Lin, Director of Business at Shenzhen Yuanlian, shared their experiences.



Yan Zhijian, Account Manager at Shenzhen Webuild Technology


Wu Lin, Business Director of Shenzhen Ylink


Gathering strength, facing the wind, embracing the rain, breaking through the waves with determination


To further enhance resource exchange, technical collaboration, and ecosystem development with partners, the conference also hosted the 2024 Annual Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony. iSoftStone signed strategic cooperation agreements with China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co.,LTD. and Ningbo Jetron Technology Co., Ltd., respectively.



iSoftStone Vice President, Tang Ping (on the right), and Zhou Haiyang, General Manager of China-ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd. - Guangxi Beidu Gulf Data Trading Center Co., Ltd. (on the left, second from the left), representing their respective companies, signed the agreement.



iSoftStone Vice President, Tang Ping (on the right), and Shi Yunye, Director of Jiachuang Technology (on the left, first from the left), representing their respective companies, signed the agreement


iSoftStone and China East Information Beibu Gulf Data Exchange jointly collaborate in the field of data business. They have joined forces to create an all-in-one enterprise asset management solution in areas such as data products of the middle office, data element circulation transactions, and AI big data products. Currently, they have successfully made breakthroughs with several key clients. iSoftStone and Jetron Technology have engaged in close collaboration, focusing deeply on the intelligent manufacturing industry. Together, they have crafted a next-generation smart factory solution. Currently, they have multiple successful collaboration cases in industries such as automotive equipment, intelligent machinery, non-ferrous metal metallurgy, and new energy materials.


In the presence of the attendees, iSoftStone made a significant announcement by unveiling the AI Large Model Services Solution. Additionally, they jointly presented the next-generation Smart Factory Joint Solution, a collaborative creation with Jetron Technology.



Zhang Yifan, Senior Technical Director at iSoftStone Huawei Cloud AI Capability Center


Zhang Yifan, Senior Technical Director at iSoftStone Huawei Cloud AI Capability Center, provided a detailed introduction. The iSoftStone AI Large2. Model Services Solution integrates core AI capabilities such as big data processing, model training, and algorithm optimization. It collaboratively establishes a comprehensive and internally unified AI middle office platform with clients, aiming to maintain and enhance operational efficiency and innovation capabilities for enterprises. This enables businesses to rapidly build, deploy, and manage AI applications, facilitating the intelligent transformation of their operations.



Luo Jian, Assistant Vice President of iSoftStone


Assistant Vice President Luo Jian shared that the next-generation Smart Factory Joint Solution jointly developed by iSoftStone and Jetron Technology possesses four core advantages: intelligence, low cost, agility, and measurability. This solution provides enterprises with integrated digital empowerment services covering products, solutions, delivery, and operations. It helps businesses achieve high-quality, cost-effective operations.




In addition to the main event, this conference also featured ISV ecosystem, cloud distributor, and Industrial Internet roundtable meetings. These were designed as platforms for exchange, fostering further communication and business collaboration to collectively drive project implementation.


In the era of "New Infrastructure," where the "Cloud" serves as the core support for the digital society, iSoftStone remains steadfast in contributing its efforts to the advancement of this age. On one hand, to do things well, one must make good use of tools. iSoftStone will center its efforts on quality cloud services, leverage AI as a breakthrough, and be supported by three major professional capabilities – expert pool, tool repository, and solution repository. It will continuously build an integrated capability system in five aspects: consulting and system integration technology solutions, IT development, national market layout for cloud intelligence, cloud sales capability system and business layout, and professional service capabilities. On the other hand, unity is invincible. iSoftStone will persist in collaborating with Huawei Cloud and partners, establishing a closer, more synergistic ecosystem based on shared principles. This ecosystem aims to achieve mutual benefits, unleash digital productivity, and contribute to the construction of Digital China through a more consolidated force of digital intelligence.

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