Gather and Thrive, Empowered by Digital Intelligence | iSoftStone Shines at Huawei China Partner Conference 2024


On March 14th, the "Huawei China Partner Conference 2024" opened grandly in Shenzhen with the theme "Gather and Thrive, Empowered by Digital Intelligence". As a crucial partner of Huawei and the Diamond (highest level) partner of this conference, iSoftStone actively participated in the event, showcasing cutting-edge achievements in digital intelligence technology, joint solutions with Huawei, and innovative practices. iSoftStone unveiled its computing sector (Tongfang Computer), participated extensively in forums, and delivered keynote speeches, exchanging and sharing opportunities in digital transformation.



Awards: iSoftStone Recognized by Partners Once Again


As an essential partner of Huawei, iSoftStone has been closely collaborating with Huawei, deeply involved in the "Partner + Huawei" ecosystem, jointly creating value for clients across various industries. In recent years, iSoftStone and Huawei have jointly released flagship solutions for the coal and railway industries, such as the Coal Mine Co-Mining Hazard Prediction Assistance System and the ISDP (Huawei Integrated Service Delivery Platform) High-speed Railway Maintenance Solution. They have also collaborated on AR cultural tourism solutions based on Huawei Vision Glass and jointly launched the "Digital Resource Empowerment Center", as well as co-created large models for the insurance industry on Huawei Cloud.



iSoftStone was awarded the "Industry Cultivation Partner Award", indicating Huawei's full recognition of iSoftStone's capabilities in industry market development. In the future, both parties will continue to complement each other's strengths, jointly explore industry markets, and create greater value for customers.



On the afternoon of the 14th, Xie Rui, iSoftStone's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Infrastructure and Integration, and Wang Weijia, Senior Sales Director of Digital Infrastructure and Integration, were invited to participate in Huawei's "Building Capabilities with Partners to Accelerate Transformation in the Automotive Industry" forum. Based on the continuous strengthening of joint industry solution construction, iSoftStone officially became a member of Huawei Intelligent Manufacturing Solution Development Partner Alliance, marking a better integration of resources and the provision of higher quality services for customers in the future.



Based on extensive practice in the intelligent manufacturing industry, iSoftStone was awarded the "Benchmark Project Delivery Contribution Award", indicating that Huawei has fully recognized iSoftStone in the benchmark project delivery process. In the future, iSoftStone will continue to cultivate the field of intelligent manufacturing deeply, focusing on scenarios such as smart factories, digitization of research and development, and industry AI models, continuously promoting technological and business innovation.


Exciting Sharing Explores the Vast Opportunities of the Digital World


At the thematic forum "Building New Logistics Infrastructure Together, Creating the Digital Future of the Logistics Industry", Yang Niannong, Co-President of Consulting and Digital Innovation Services at iSoftStone and General Manager of iSoftStone Consulting, delivered a keynote speech titled Empowering the Rapid Development of the Logistics Industry with Digital Intelligence. He stated that major logistics companies are actively embracing AI technology to improve logistics efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance user experience. Leveraging rich experience and profound technical strength, iSoftStone Consulting has developed a series of AI innovative applications to assist the logistics industry in its digital transformation. A typical example is the "Smart π Warehouse", which achieves comprehensive intelligent management of warehousing processes by integrating advanced technologies such as IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence. Overall, iSoftStone Consulting has established a three-in-one capability of industry consulting, solutions, and implementation delivery for intelligent logistics.



In the open speech area of the conference, Xiang Pianpian, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, and Zeng Chenggang, General Manager of Huawei's Large Enterprise SOE Business Department, jointly released a joint solution for the agriculture industry – the iSoftStone & Huawei Smart Breeding Solution. Xiang Pianpian also delivered a keynote speech detailing the architecture and value of the solution. The solution aims to address core challenges such as full-process supervision of breeding, disease prevention and control, cost management, and efficiency improvement. It utilizes Huawei Cloud's digital platform to create a four-layer business innovation architecture of "end-edge-cloud-application", establishes standard physical models for smart breeding IoT, unifies equipment and application docking standards, creates innovative products such as intelligent breeding videos, and achieves capabilities such as precision feeding, intelligent environmental control, disease warning, integrated finance and operations, and decision support. This enhances enterprise breeding efficiency, reduces breeding costs, and empowers the industry's digital transformation and intelligent upgrade.



Dai Peng, Senior Solutions Director of Digital Infrastructure and Integration at iSoftStone, shared insights on iSoftStone's Unified Computing Service Enabling AI Large Models. He stated that currently, iSoftStone is constructing an integrated computing service system around dimensions such as "IDC services, computing power services, value-added services, model services, AI application services, and integrated AI training and inference platforms". The full-stack integrated services can greatly reduce the threshold for application deployment, allowing users to focus on their core business. Meanwhile, the training and inference integrated machine product combines iSoftStone's software and hardware advantages, greatly unleashing the potential of large models. This not only accelerates responses to market demands but also opens up new modes of innovative cooperation, promoting the rapid deployment of AI large models across various industries. With the continuous advancement of AI technology and the expansion of application scenarios, the demand for computing power will continue to grow. iSoftStone will continue to deepen its AI service capabilities to become a core partner of Huawei's AI services.



At the thematic forum "Building Capabilities with Partners to Accelerate Transformation in the Automotive Industry", Li Yongchu, Assistant Vice President of Digital Infrastructure and Integration at iSoftStone, shared a keynote speech titled Building Smart Factories for Automotive Enterprises Based on Cloud Infrastructure. He focused on how iSoftStone assists automotive enterprises in building smart factories and achieving digital transformation. He fully showcased iSoftStone's solutions and successful cases in the field of intelligent manufacturing, improving production efficiency and product quality through intelligent production, upgrading the interconnected network of smart factories, and injecting new digital energy into brand upgrades.



Exciting Exhibition Showcases Full-stack Digital Intelligence Capabilities


At Hall 17 Booth A02, Shenzhen World Exhibition Convention Center (Bao'an), iSoftStone presented its core businesses and capabilities in digital intelligence, including iSoftStone Computing (Tongfang Computer), iSoftStone Consulting, iSoftStone Cloud Intelligence, and iSoftStone Tianxuan MaaS (Large Models), as well as empowering capabilities for strategic emerging industries such as iSoftStone Fintech, iSoftStone Intelligent Automobile, iSoftStone Digital Energy, and iSoftStone Industrial Internet. Additionally, iSoftStone's professional services for education and partnerships with SwanLink were highlighted. The exhibition also provided detailed displays of typical joint solutions, including the HCS Full-stack Cloud Solution, Harmony Application Ecology Solution, ISDP Chemical Joint Solution, and Zhongming Data Middle Office Solution.



iSoftStone Computing (Tongfang Computer) made its debut at the iSoftStone booth, showcasing a variety of intelligent computing products and solutions with strong performance, reliability, and versatility. Key highlights included the powerful K620, A200i, and A800i intelligent computing products and solutions. By combining iSoftStone's ISSEOS, ISSEDB, and deep software expertise, they jointly constitute iSoftStone's industry-leading integrated software and hardware capabilities.



The iSoftStone Tianxuan 2.0 MaaS platform is the core AI foundation created by iSoftStone. It supports multimodal model fusion, multi-industry data aggregation, and multi-enterprise scenario applications. It acts as an accelerator for enterprise large-scale model engineering implementation and a systematic innovation center for intelligent applications. The underlying infrastructure of iSoftstone Tianxuan 2.0 MaaS platform adopts an integrated AI training and inference platform, supporting the MindSpore comprehensive AI computing framework. It features user-friendly design, efficient runtime, and flexible deployment capabilities in both user and operational states, providing users with a development experience that is both user-friendly and operationally efficient. Simultaneously, the platform integrates components such as the Ascend AI foundational hardware platform, the iSoftStone Enterprise OS (ISSEOS), and is equipped with its proprietary AI middle office. It supports one-stop AI development, incorporating industry-specific AI Large models and providing deep compatibility with various AI application scenarios within enterprises.



SwanLink, as a vanguard of iSoftStone's open source strategy, is committed to promoting the advancement of intelligent IoT products in various industries based on the SwanLinkOS operating system. The company focuses on multiple fields such as commercial displays, mining, transportation, education, and energy (electricity), empowering industry upgrades through innovative applications of OpenHarmony. At this exhibition, SwanLink showcased products such as portable computers, AI access control integrated machines, electronic sign-in cards, rugged tablet computers, and 4G smart intercom terminals equipped with the SwanLinkOS operating system, fully demonstrating its technological strength and application capabilities across multiple industries and scenarios.


Strong Collaboration

iSoftStone & Huawei Joint Solutions Exhibition


Meanwhile, as invited by Huawei, some of the joint solutions from both parties were showcased at the Huawei booth, including the iSoftStone & Huawei Smart Campus joint solution, intelligent manufacturing-related joint solutions, enterprise cloud migration solutions (including cases from iSoftStone Mingyuan Cloud), and cooperation in Kunpeng native application development.


Among them, the Smart Campus Joint Solution is based on the concept of full connectivity and integration, jointly developed by iSoftStone and Huawei's digital campus platform. It helps to solve issues such as campus information silos, inadequate security control, and low office efficiency, achieving unified campus data integration, visual status, manageable operations, and controllable events. Currently, the iSoftStone & Huawei Smart Campus Joint Solution has been implemented in universities in Shenzhen, Xi'an, and other places.



In the intelligent manufacturing exhibition area, iSoftStone showcased a comprehensive data governance solution based on the "method + platform + tools + services" approach. Based on Huawei's data management methods and customer practices, this solution introduces data assets, models, standards, and standard data sources to help customers achieve comprehensive digitized management of enterprise data acquisition, storage, computation, management, and utilization. iSoftStone has accumulated numerous successful cases in the field of intelligent manufacturing, assisting clients in solidifying data assets, providing high-quality data for data platforms, and offering data capabilities for business scenarios.



The Enterprise Cloud Migration Solution integrates consultation, planning, implementation, and operation and maintenance into one, providing six core services include research and analysis, evaluation and planning, architecture and solution design, deployment and testing, migration implementation, and operation and maintenance support. This enables customers to enjoy full lifecycle services for cloud migration, utilization, and management. Currently, the solution has obtained Huawei Cloud's Joint Baseline Solution Certification and has been listed on the Huawei Cloud Marketplace. Both parties jointly created a benchmark case of migration to the cloud in the property management field, facilitating the smooth migration to the cloud for the Mingyuan Cloud Property Cloud Platform. Throughout the project's implementation process, there was zero data loss and zero business interruption, and the PaaS cloud service based on open-source products was standardized, reducing operational costs and business risks and truly helping customers make the most of the cloud.



In the field of Kunpeng computing full-stack development, iSoftStone supports Huawei in the development, testing, and server hardware and software maintenance of the Kunpeng computing platform's basic software and development kit Devkit. Based on openEuler, iSoftStone has developed the ISSEOS and independently developed the ISSEDB based on the openGauss kernel. Earlier this year, iSoftStone officially launched Kunpeng native development cooperation, conducting native application development based on Kunpeng hardware, openEuler, development kit Kunpeng DevKit, and application enablement kit Kunpeng BoostKit in industries such as finance, power and energy, and healthcare. It continuously releases more optimized versions of Kunpeng commercial software to create a model for Kunpeng native application development cooperation.



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