SoftStone Gives Solutions to Traditional Enterprises for Digital Revitalization

“Nearly half of business leaders are worried about their business will be eliminated, and the business share of traditional enterprises is being encroached.” Qiang Peng, the Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone said in the afternoon of June 20 in “2019 China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference & International Digital Economy Summit”. Peng exchanged with over 200 attendees including government leaders, experts, scholars and enterprise representatives about the topic of digital transformation practice of traditional enterprises. In this conference, iSoftStone won the prize of “The Most Influential Offshore Service Outsourcing Companies in China 2018”.


The digital economy is soaring and digitalization is penetrated to all industries. It is predicted that the digital IT expenditure in China from 2019 to 2022 will reach USD 1.3 trillion. By 2022, over 65% of GDP in China will be owing to digitalization.

However, every coin has two sides. Traditional enterprises are facing digital crisis. Peng said digital enterprises are widening the digital gap with traditional enterprises, and will keep encroaching their market share. The survey data he quoted from Dell Technologies shows: 78% enterprises believe their businesses are threatened by native enterprises.


How should they correctly cope to crisis? Results of a survey give the answer. Vanson Bourme surveyed among 4,000 leaders of large and medium enterprises in 12 industries from 16 countries. Results show 73% enterprises believe they need to formulate centralized technical strategies preferentially for their business; 66% enterprises are planning to invest in leadership of IT infrastructure and digital technology. Digital revitalization is almost the only method to overcome the digital gap.

While for the path of digital revitalization, Peng believed five steps shall be followed to create the intelligence-centered native digital competitiveness. Enterprises shall firstly review the digital crisis; secondly design a proper business “growth mode”; thirdly select correct business mode and hold up digital transformation; fourthly create digital competitiveness, and fifthly finish platform-based reconstruction to double the speed of digital innovation.

In specific, iSoftStone will provide full process digital transformation services including digital strategy consulting, digital solution design, digital solution implementation, digitalized technology service, digital operation service, and information technology service based on new digital transformation standard. Through digital strategies such as enterprise cloud access, data and intelligence, customer interaction, and middle end strategy, iSoftStone helps traditional enterprises realize revitalization and turn to future enterprises.

Traditional enterprises start launching digital transformation. iSoftStone helps traditional enterprises for their digital transformation with comprehensive digital service ability, and create a new stage of digital economy jointly with its partners.

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