Authoritative Certification | ISoftStone Passes SA8000 Certification

ISoftStone successfully passed SA8000 certification of social accountability management system and gained the certificate. It fully recognizes iSoftStone's efforts on corporate social responsibility for many years, and indicates the company's compliance with SA8000 standard including humanistic concept, standardized management, etc. 


Social Accountability 8000 International standard, abbreviated as SA8000, is the first international standard of corporate ethics in the world. Its purpose is to ensure all the products of vendors are in compliance with the social accountability standard. SA8000 standard is applicable to all companies of any size in all sectors around the world. Similar to ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system, it is an international standard for the audit of third-party certification organizations. 

In this March, iSoftStone applied to SAI, a well-known international certification organization for certification. Facing tight schedule and heavy tasks, the company appointed the safe production and social accountability committee in charge of general planning, coordination, organization and implementation of the corporate social accountability system in a systematic manner, and developed a detailed work plan to complete all relevant tasks and apply for certification in strict conformity with the SA8000 standard. Thanks to the joint efforts of the committee members and all relevant departments, iSoftStone successfully passed the certification. 

ISoftStone has long been engaged in social public welfare and charity undertakings and won many titles and awards for its outstanding contributions to public welfare like China Excellent Corporate Citizen, China Best Employer of the Year and Brand Accountability of the Year. In addition, iSoftStone always carries forward the people-oriented corporate culture, respects the personality of each employee, and tries the best to provide better working environment, career development and life quality. The company develops the employee health management plan to provide health, psychological counseling and other customized services for employees, regularly organizes physical examination for necessary prevention of occupational diseases for employees, and offers diversified activities like psychological assessment, informal discussion and EHS3+1 to take care of employees' physical and mental health all the time. 

SA8000 has become a new element of competition in the globalized economy. As China's leading software and IT service provider, iSoftStone upholds the corporate social accountability concept of "people-oriented, care for employees, green, environment-friendly and innovative development" and constantly improves the corporate social accountability system to boost socioeconomic development.

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