Peng Qiang: iSoftStone can Do More for Digital Transformation of Enterprises


"Digital transformation may not be the choice of enterprises anymore but a must. The process of digitalization is inevitable." Themed with "Advance Intelligence", Huawei Connect 2019 was recently held in Shanghai, and iSoftStone attended the vent as a key partner of Huawei and a diamond sponsor. During the event, Peng Qiang, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone had an interview in Shanghai. He commented, "the digital economy shows strong growth momentum and digitalization is permeating all industries. The digital transformation of enterprises is on the road."


In the trend of digital transformation, the construction of new infrastructure like 5G and IoT is of great significance to the industrial transformation and upgrading. Peng Qiang said digital transformation means a significant change of corporate operation model and the traditional way can no longer meet the market demand. However, the digital transformation of enterprises is not easy. Traditional enterprises may incur two major obstacles on the path of digital transformation. First is the "imagination": traditional enterprises must have overall strategic planning of the development in the digital economy situation and the future enterprise forms. But most of them are in lack of insights and their future outlooks are more or less limited. Second is the "execution": digital transformation goes beyond the pure "digital technology application" but involves the changes of corporate organizational structure and relevant processes and business models, which is a general and thorough change to enterprises and poses a challenge to the power of execution.

In the digital era, Peng Qiang said, "All enterprises are software enterprises, and the world will be defined by software." As the prime mover of emerging industries like cloud computing, big data and IoT, the software service is being upgraded to digital service, and innovation of digital service will fully release the digital potential of enterprises. No business can survive without software. ISoftStone is the practitioner and frontrunner of software and takes the lead in software service, boasting four unique advantages of digital services:

First, the advantage of a head enterprise: China's software service market is big at present but not strong with a huge number of smaller enterprises. As the leading software service provider domestically, iSoftStone is well known for its large scale, abundant service experience, strong service competency and wide brand recognition. Therefore it is able to make use of its strong digital service capabilities to help large- and medium-sized enterprises realize digital transformation.

Second, the advantage of a trusted enterprise: bigger size means bigger responsibility and customer expectation. Based on solid industrial accumulation and outstanding technical strength, iSoftStone attaches great importance to the trust of customers and spares no effort on professional, compliant, safe, reliable and high-quality deliverables as well as risk avoidance. Through constant improvement, iSoftStone targets at becoming the most trusted partner of customers.

Third, the advantage of progressiveness: As China's leading software and IT service provider, iSoftStone not only provides customers with end-to-end reliable digital products and services, but also maintains its own progressiveness in all aspects to keep up with the times, which further guarantees the progressiveness and suitability of technology, management and business model. ISoftStone's advantage over other competitors depends on both its own innovation and the innovation and growth of customers. One of the core strengths is the solid foundation of technical capabilities and industrial insights.

Fourth, the advantage of internationalization: ISoftStone has always been a highly internationalized company in the software service industry. The executives of iSoftStone have abundant experiences of working abroad, and the company sets up branches in North America, Japan and Southeast Asia with an experienced and professional team of international businesses. Internationalization is also one of the core strategies of iSoftStone. "The era of digital transformation is a good opportunity for us to be further internationalized", said Peng Qiang. ISoftStone will accelerate its pace of internationalization by its brand effect as a head enterprise, credibility of high-quality service and years of international practice.

So far iSoftStone has served over 1,000 domestic and foreign customers in a dozen of major sectors including over 110 of the world top 500 enterprises. It has become one of the demonstrative software service enterprises with wide industry coverage and a big service scale.

"Starting from the nodal things, iSoftStone is now able to deal in the network and even the industry chain", said Peng Qiang. After nearly 20 years of industrial accumulation, iSoftStone can take advantage of its leading technical strength to help break the bottleneck of digital transformation of enterprises. The company always tries the best to provide customers with end-to-end digital products and services, and create future-oriented value. For example under the partnership with Huawei, iSoftStone initially provided human resources to Huawei only. Now we are working on development, upgrading and replacement of software and application. ISoftStone and Huawei are highly consistent in strategy and mutually complementary in business. While promoting digital transformation in all aspects, both parties help customers quickly complete digital transformation. "iSoftStone can help enterprises do more", said Peng Qiang. The mission of iSoftStone is to help customers fully release their digital talents for the benefit of the society.

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