Data masking platform

Data masking platform


iSoftStone’s data masking platform helps financial institutions securely use the real data sets in development, testing and other non-production environments as well as the outsourcing or cloud computing environments by masking the sensitive, private or confidential data being transmitted or already stored, thus meeting the requirements financial institutions for data security, data quality, and masking efficiency.

Core Competencies

De-privacy and maintaining the authenticity: While ensuring the data security via masking, it’s able to maintain the characteristics of original business data, so as to guarantee its availability in test scene.

Maintain the business rules and masking versatility: It’s able to design different masking processes according to the masking demands of different business rules and, at the same time, consider the masking versatility.

Consistency and irreversibility demands for masking results: It’s able to separate the personnel who design the data mapping rules from those who implement the data masking. The designers are responsible for realizing the mapping algorithms, and the implementers are responsible for specifying the control parameters only when implementing the data masking project, thus getting the unique mapping rules.

iSoftStone provides multiple types of data source adapters to accommodate multiple types of adaptation for data acquisition source.

It also provides efficient data acquisition service. By setting different data adaptation rules, it collects the data from data source, and provides the collect data to the “operator” for mapping and masking.

Customer Benefits

Data scanning automation:

Automated scanning of system-related data interfaces that require masking.

Data masking modularization:

Data masking is categorized and modularized through the platform.

Data request process:

Provide the masking request process for data usage through the product platform.

Data masking automation:

Automated processing through automated scheduling.

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