Automated testing solution

Automated testing solution


Relying on its years of professional testing experience, iSoftStone Testing CoE has built a complete automated testing management platform by separating the specialized test analysis and design from the wide-range testing execution by means of automated testing, with the full life cycle of testing management as the main line, mobile and internet applications as the main objects, and SaaS-based centralized services as the highlights.

Core Competencies

Full life cycle coverage

Through the automated testing solution, iSoftStone builds a full life cycle management system for testing business, which covers the project creation, resource registration, resource allocation, test analysis, test design, test execution, test result analysis, and test report generation.

Multi-channel automated testing

With different types of automation execution agents (such as mobile terminal automated testing, PC browser compatibility test, PC application automated testing, and code scan) as the main means, iSoftStone realizes the multi-channel and multi-scene coverage for the design, execution and report of automated testing for various applications, especially the mobile and internet applications.

Professional isolation mechanism for proper separation of test design and test execution

Through the operation organization of the automated testing management platform, iSoftStone realizes the effective separation of the strongly industry-related tasks such as test analysis and test design, and the weakly industry-related but strongly resource-related tasks such as test execution, so as to build scientific engineering implementation specifications.

Customer Benefits

By means of automated testing, iSoftStone effectively makes up for the various types of high-volume, multi-terminal, complex scenario compatibility, stability test, and functional regression test that cannot be completed by manual testing, thus effectively improving the objectivity and validity of comprehensive quality evaluation indexes for the system.

Firstly, it’s able to realize the rapid regression test of the main functions of the version before the release of software;

Secondly, it’s able to realize the adaptation and compatibility evaluation of applications under multi-platform, multi-model, multi-resolution and multi-version scenes such as browsers and mobile terminals;

Thirdly, it’s able to complete the information consistency check in weak network, disconnected network and multi-channel, which is difficult to achieve in manual state. Moreover, it's able to inspect the abnormal conditions such as memory consumption, CPU occupation and crash at system level.

Fourthly, it’s able to establish a scientific operation organization mode, enable the relative separation of industry experience from technical execution, build a more scientific operation organization system, improve the labor efficiency, and enhance the value contribution of personnel.

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