Risk data mart system

Risk data mart system


As a mart for risk business objects, iSoftStone’s risk data mart adopts advanced risk management concepts and tools to provide banks with comprehensive business system framework and solution for risk management and, at the same time, guarantee the healthy development of all businesses in the banks.

Core Competencies

By building a multi-level risk data mart model based on risk criteria, iSoftStone is able to realize the storage of data with different granularity from single amount and customer level to the portfolio of products and industries, thus ensuring full compliance with the data requirements stipulated by the New Basel Capital Accord.

The technical integration of underlying data, pre-set data quality check rules, and the account check rules engine guarantee the completeness, accuracy and consistency of risk data.

It's provided with pre-set credit risk management applications and interfaces.

Customer Benefits

iSoftStone provides timely, accurate and uniform data support for credit management, risk measurement, regulatory capital and economic capital;

iSoftStone takes the results of risk data standardization as guidance to unify the data definitions of core risk elements across systems and, at the same time, meet the requirements of data consistency in New Basel Capital Accord;

iSoftStone establishes a data quality check mechanism to improve the quality of risk data;

iSoftStone establishes a data maintenance platform to ensure the unified management for the completion of missing data and the maintenance of risk parameters.

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