Capital Management System

Capital Management System


iSoftStone’s capital management solution focuses on the business needs of large financial corporations and provides capital settlement, credit management, capital budgeting, billing management, financing management, foreign exchange controls, and other functions. At the same time, it provides the leadership with such functions as statistical inquiries and decision-making support. At present, iSoftStone’s capital management solution has been successfully applied at more than 70 financial corporations.


System Features

Secure and Efficient

iSoftStone’s Capital Management System has independent intellectual property rights, and uses innovative, independent informational means to strengthen the customer’s ability to control financial assets, realize online monitoring, and safeguard against financial risks. Furthermore, it promotes the sharing of information resources, strengthens the secure operation of the enterprise’s funds, effectively improves the efficiency of funds management, and guarantees the healthy development of the enterprise’s financial business.

Stable and Reliable

iSoftStone’s Capital Management System has been successfully applied to nearly 100 renowned, large-scale corporate enterprises. The system has passed tens of thousands of rigorous tests, with its stability and reliability verified. At the same time, iSoftStone has the largest expert service team providing solutions to financial enterprises, which ensures the parallel implementation of cross-regional projects and multiple project scenarios, effectively guaranteeing the stability and reliability of the system.

Technological Foresight

iSoftStone’s Capital Management System has been specially designed for the capital management in domestic corporations such as group settlement centers and financial groups. It is a cross-platform software system developed with the currently most popular J2EE technology architecture.


System Functions

iSoftStone’s Capital Management System is divided into three main operating levels: the analysis level, the operation level, and the basic level.

The comprehensive functions of iSoftStone’s Capital Management Solution include: fund settlements, collateral management, fund planning, fund monitoring, credit management, bank-enterprise platforms, customer information management, electronic document management, credit ratings, capital business, financial interfaces, price management, system management, online financial systems, foreign exchange management, statement management, leadership inquiries, inter-bank transactions, billing management, and others.


Customer cases

Ancheng Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd.

Sun Life Everbright Life Co., Ltd.

Jiang Tai Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

J.K. Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Taiping Property Insurance Co., Ltd.

Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Taiping Pension Co., Ltd.

Sunshine Insurance Group Co., Ltd.

Yong An Property Insurance Company Limited

Greatwall Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

OB-CARDIF Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

China United Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Zking Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd.

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