The solution to the IFDAP data analysis platform of finance companies

The solution to the IFDAP data analysis platform of finance companies


ansforms its years of advantages in serving finance companies to its leadership in the industry by planning and building the decision-making and analysis system for finance companies (IFDAP), which comprises two frameworks (the BI technology framework, UBTF, and the financial data warehouse frame for finance companies, FDWF) and three platforms (data analysis application platform for finance companies, FDAP; fund monitoring and dispatching platform for finance companies, FMDP; and the data configuration platform, UDCP), to meet finance companies management needs of supporting the implementation of the group company's strategy across the board and the attainment of the company's strategic objectives. In this process, the company has created an integrated intelligent platform for industry decision analysis and risk management centering on business analysis, financial analysis, management analysis, and capital analysis and ultimately provides comprehensive means for decision-making support and risk management for group companies and financial institutions in the process of capital settlement, financial services, financial consulting, and other businesses.


Product Architecture

The overall framework of the system is composed of data sources, data acquisition and exchange platform, data warehouse, data configuration management platform, and data application platform, etc. It is a system functional architecture ultimately accessed via a portal website or mobile terminals.

Product Feature

1. Product integration

This product utilizes two frameworks and three platforms to instantiates the industry applications of finance companies and integrate business scheme, application scheme, data scheme and technical scheme  which produces an integrated industry data analysis product system for financial companies, including analysis and application, management decision-making, report management, data consolidation, data monitoring, and system security.

2. Product componentization

This product can be marketed as components to meet the varying needs of users in different stages of informatization.

3. A technical framework platform that supports multi-report products

4. A financial theme data warehouse that can analyze historical data, simulate future scenarios, and monitor real-time business data

5. A data center framework comprising of four layers of data architecture

6. A layered applied analysis platform

7. A data management platform

Product Application Platform

The product application platform includes the following modules: management cockpit, subject analysis, business analysis, financial analysis, capital analysis, risk analysis, budget analysis, performance analysis, management analysis, report center, and decision evaluation report. The relationship between each module is: business analysis is the foundation which provides a panoramic view of a finance company's business; the financial analysis focuses on the company's operations and financial results; the capital analysis focuses on capital trends and simulates business prospects; the risk analysis is based on the results of business, financial and capital analysis and supports leaderships to make decisions; the budget analysis focuses on the implementations of the budget and provides a quantitative reference for decision-makers to optimize the budget structure; the performance analysis aims to observe the completion of the performance indicators on the results of business, financial and capital analysis; the management analysis helps leaders to make decisions; the report center is to standardize the daily operations; the decision evaluation report provides analysis reports for decision makers based on historical data.

Product Cases

Hunan Non-ferrous Metal Corporation Financial Affairs Company

Dongfang Electric Corporation

China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.

State Grid Corporation of China

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