The solution to finance companies

The solution to finance companies

Program Overview

Relying on its years of experience and profound expertise in implementing projects of group-level finance companies, iSoftStone has developed a comprehensive, scientific and effective methodology and provides customers with diverse services such as business consulting, business system construction and system integration. It has successively served nearly 100 well-known enterprises including China Petroleum Finance Co., Ltd., Sinochem Finance Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Finance Co., Ltd. The company provides customers with one-stop solutions throughout the whole life cycle and across the value chain ranging from business consultation, IT planning, network construction, standard product implementation, system customization, operation maintenance to subsequent pan-financial business informatization support.

With over 15 years of experience in providing industry solutions for finance companies, iSoftStone has accumulated abundant customer cases, mature products, and has professional and large-scale service teams. The company has a large number of customers. At present, it is serving more than 90 finance companies, accounting for 40% of the market shares. Most of the customers are central enterprises and state-owned enterprises accounting for 70% of central financial enterprises, leading the industry in market share.

Program Features

New Architecture

The advanced technical architecture based on SOA has a low system coupling and can fully support the business development and innovation of finance companies;

New Technologies

Relying on the advanced IAF platform and the utilization of ESB and other key technologies, a sound infrastructure could be set for the project;

New Applications

New applications such as "domestic + overseas", "local currency + foreign currency", "cash + bills", "group + finance company", and "PC + Mobile terminals" etc. will bring new experience and business opportunities to customers;

Integrated Global Solutions for Finance Companies

iSoftStone provides solutions for finance companies in three areas: system consulting (operation coaching, strategic planning, business blueprint), system integration (hardware integration, software integration, computer room construction), and business implementation (business planning and system support).


Application Architecture for Core Business System in Finance Companies

The core business system of a finance company can be divided into several layers: service channel, business operation, group asset management, basic management, and data analysis.


The service channel layer refers to the channel whereby a finance company, the upstream and downstream customers of the group's existing and future member units operate the business system of the finance company through a variety of portals, such as computers, mobile phones, WeChat accounts, and other terminals.

The basic management layer refers to the basic modules in the overall architecture of a finance company's business system, mainly including modules for system management, customer management, and approval process management.

The business operation layer is the core part of the overall architecture of a finance company's business system, and mainly serves fund settlement, credit management, fund budget, ticket management, fund monitoring, customer management, foreign exchange management, investment management, and other functions. At the same time, the core business layer can be integrated with the external banking system, credit reference system, regulatory system, etc.

The asset management layer in a finance company, under the authorization of the group, assists the group in fund planning, fund position, financing, and other works.

The statistical analysis layer is mainly responsible for analyzing and processing business data and financial data, including report management, monitoring and early warning analysis, risk control management, and other functional modules.

The internal business staff of a finance company can process business via the LAN, and the customers of a finance company can process business via the Internet. Data sharing and high integration between the business management system and the financial/ERP accounting system, the business management system and the customer's online financial service system, and the internal functional modules of the business management system can help reduce the repeated data entry and improve the efficiency of business process.

Successful Customer Cases

China Petroleum Finance Co., Ltd.

China Huaneng Finance Corporation Ltd.

CEC Finance Co., Ltd.

Sinomach Finance Co., Ltd.

China Southern Airlines Finance Co., Ltd.

China Southern Power Grid Finance Co., Ltd.

XD Group Finance Co., Ltd.

Dongfang Electric Group Finance Co., Ltd.

Sinochem Finance Co., Ltd.

Zhong Chuan (CSSC) Finance Co., Ltd.

Datang Electric Power Finance Co., Ltd.

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