Data Service Solutions in Securities Industry

Data Service Solutions in Securities Industry


The securities industry data service solutions are special solutions provided to customers in the securities industry in response to the collection, statistics, analysis, exploration, early warning and reporting of various transaction data. The solution provides comprehensive management of the entire river basin from basic information to integrated information and from massive details to macro aggregation, and is an application portfolio supporting different departments and entities of the securities industry in aspects of information analysis, information statistics, regulatory compliance, information disclosure, etc.


Information Analysis

With main contents including market analysis, listed company analysis, investor analysis, etc., ISoftStone provides customers with relevant analysis services including market risk analysis, financial analysis of listed company, investor trading behavior analysis, etc., and application system construction by fully relying on data warehouse related technologies.

Information Statistics

With main contents including market industry conditions, listed company reports, investor analysis, etc., ISoftStone provides customers with overview of the securities market and industry sectors, financial report analysis of listed companies, investor transaction analysis and other statistical analysis and data exploration services by centering on statements and reports and integrating multiple interactive modes, such as multi-dimensional analysis, formatted reports, Ad-hoc analysis, etc.

Information supervision

By relying on the sophisticated data governance system, ISoftStone monitors the abnormal behaviors of the market and constructs an efficient and accurate regulatory system in response to various violations of laws and regulations in the market and based on various statistical analysis and regulatory models. The solutions include a series of market risk indicators, regular supervision and other applications.

Capacity Advantages

Continuous Services

For more than a decade, ISoftStone has continuously provided data analysis, data mining and technology development services for securities trading institutions, and the professional, dedicated, and continuous good cooperation has allowed it to forge a strong technical service team in securities industry.

Industry Expertise

By virtue of years of continuous experience in the construction of data warehouses and data marts in the securities industry, ISoftStone has accumulated extensive experience in professional fields such as data services, application development and testing, etc. in the securities industry, obtained deep understanding of customer needs, and maintained in-depth cooperation with securities institutions in many professional fields.

Typical Customers

China Securities Regulatory Commission

China Securities Capital Market Development Monitoring Center

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Shenzhen Stock Exchange

China Securities Index Co., Ltd.

Success Cases

(2000-present) Decision Support System of Shanghai Stock Exchange Information Center

(2000-present) Historical Data Analysis System of the Supervision Department of Shanghai Stock Exchange

(2006-2011) Bond Fund Business Management System of Shanghai Stock Exchange

(2003-present) Index Stock Selection System of China Securities Index Co., Ltd.

(2014-present) Unified Data Platform of China Securities Regulatory Commission

(2013-present) Fifth Version Trading System Development and Testing Services of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

(2012-2013) Project of China Securities Capital Market Development Monitoring Center

(2008-2011) CITIC-Prudential Fund Project

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