R&D solutions for network products

R&D solutions for network products


In view of large-scale flow and access, the 5G era has become an inevitable trend of the current market development. In the following 5 years, the market volume will be increased to hundreds of billions (RMB); digital home, OTT, enterprise business, national broadband will require constructing a broad channel; the strategies of large flow, large video, large service, large structure and large IT will also require the basic support by a broad channel.

The access network, transmission network, and core forwarding router will be comprehensively upgraded; from copper wire acceleration to 10G fiber, from SDH to WDM, and from traditional network to SDN (software-defined network), network products should be continuously researched and developed.

R&D solution for hardware

iSoftStone can provide the services such as hardware development, testing, production maintenance, device replacement, hardware bottom-level driver development, characteristic platform hardware development and testing for products in the fields of access network, transmission network, and router; establish the low-cost and high-quality end-to-end capabilities in terms of access, back haul, large-capacity transmission, and core switching; and provide the version and product-based solutions.

Safe delivery solution

In the world of Internet, security has been the protector and lifeline of important industries and institutions, such as finance, securities, e-commerce, medical health, and government agencies. iSoftStone, through integrating security awareness and concept into all stages of product life cycle, can provide powerful security solutions and expert resources, including security schemes, security design, security coding, security implementation, and testing, maintenance, deployment and debugging of backbone security products; with the capability of providing multi-dimensional solutions, it can provide the best practice in the security field, help the customers to quickly produce and market security products, efficiently help customers to find and solve problems, and minimize the threats and losses.

Core capabilities

It can provide services of demand design, hardware research & development, customized service, software development, software testing, and automated testing in the field of network; provide end-to-end business security delivery, and follow the delivery process and quality requirements in strict accordance with industry standards and customers’ requirements.

It can provide customized maintenance services, deliver high-quality customized versions in a short period of time, and respond quickly to market needs of the customers.

Capability advantages

iSoftStone can establish a mature strategic cooperation platform in the field of software and hardware development, and improve ecological chain of version-based testing solutions for software and hardware.

The professional all-field R&D team can skillfully use R&D environment, software and independent R&D auxiliary tools, and give play to its mature software design and test design ability.

The experienced quality team, complete customized R&D process, and end-to-end high-quality delivery quality assurance system can escort the release of versions.

Typical product-level delivery cases

Solution for built-in PCM in the transmission network

Integrated pulse code modulation (PCM) board can directly provide FXS, FXO, 2/4-wire audio E&M, sub-rate interfaces, for low-speed circuit services and unvarnished transmission in SDH network; and webmasters can be arranged to implement end-to-end configuration and management of the business. It is a comprehensive network solution for simplification of network, unification of network management, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, low cost, low energy consumption, compatibility with the low-speed interface of the existing production system, and support of relocation of the old energy system network.

Router and telecom Ethernet SUI project 

It is a high-performance SIG interconnected reporting platform matching the transformation of cloud business based on Video, 5G, and B2B. Through flow visualization, the network solution for integrated bearing of routers can realize fine-grained flow management, provide differentiated and personalized value-added services, and assist the operators in achieving refined operations.

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