IaaS platform R&D solutions

IaaS platform R&D solutions


With the rapid development of Internet and information technology, virtualization, cloud, and servitization have become the entry-level concepts in IT industry today; and the values of automation and scale expansion have become the main starting points of enterprise transformation and development. Agile development, automated testing, and automated deployment have become the basic capabilities of cloud services based on their own characteristics, and also the basic guarantee for the success of cloud transformation.

iSoftStone can provide mature and standard service-oriented API design and development services, independent delivery of cloud-based small services, and automated conversion service for cloud platform scale verification; based on the rich experience in cloud platform and service-oriented development and testing, as well as the efficient delivery methods integrating agility and automation, it can also enable subcontracting of cloud demands and opening of capabilities, and provide flexible solutions, thus making it an excellent partner of various enterprises in the process of cloud transformation.

Core capabilities

Cloud platform basic service development and maintenance

Manual and automated testing of cloud services

Automated deployment and integration verification of cloud data center

Capability advantages

The service-oriented interface development and verification team with rich experience and technical resources can assist the customers in performing large-scale version delivery.

The experience in successful and independent delivery of small services can complete successful and independent small-scale delivery for the customers.

The rich experience in automated testing and automated deployment transformation can assist the customers in rapidly building automated test factories and forming agile deployment capabilities.

Successful cases

NFVI scenario automation test project of a cloud platform 

End-to-end independent design and delivery project of a cloud platform 

Independent delivery project of private cloud and hybrid cloud configuration services of a cloud platform

Management domain, operation and maintenance domain development and integration test project of a cloud platform

Industry standard interface development and test project of a cloud platform

Data center automated deployment tool development project of a cloud platform

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