​Storage software R&D solutions

Storage software R&D solutions


Development of storage system simulation platform

The simulation platform is a platform simulating the underlying equipment and drivers, which can support the joint debugging and testing of storage products and storage business platforms under the environment of Windows; support software construction and regression under the environment of linux; and provide abundant testing and debugging methods. It can also resolve the problems of the lack of materials, low locating efficiency, and difficulty in deploying LLT and automated test in the development process of storage products.

Development of operation maintenance module (OMM) for storage systems

OMM refers to operation maintenance module, which is a bridge for interaction between webmaster and equipment. The OMM deployed on the storage controller, can periodically collect data from modules of the storage device or in an event-triggered manner, and provide original data for the webmasters, who may present various data to the users. OMM can support the operation and maintenance of equipment, such as account management, remote support, fault management, performance monitoring, and data collection.

Development of storage system disaster recovery management software

Storage system disaster recovery management software with the features of replication, snapshot, active-active, cloning, and virtual machine replication can solve the problems of traditional management systems, such as different recovery processes, difficult configuration, consuming of time and poor visual effect; and it can also protect the virtual environment, cloud environment and physical environment with one set of software, and calmly deal with the challenges from clouding of the data center. While realizing business integration, management automation, and disaster recovery visualization, it can be applied to a variety of scenarios, such as local protection, local high availability, active-standby disaster recovery, active-active data center, and disaster recovery based on two sites and three centers.

Storage system reliability test

With the industry-leading storage system reliability testing solutions and services, as well as the rich testing experience and efficient delivery processes and methods integrating agility and automation, iSoftStone can enable subcontracting of reliability test for multiple platforms and systems and opening of capabilities, and provide flexible solutions, thus making it an excellent partner of various enterprises in the process of transformation.

Storage system disaster recovery test

Based on the strong and highly available data center architecture, solution can reduce or even eliminate the impact of normal and abnormal shutdown on business availability, and ensure that critical applications would continuously create output value and increase the bottom line of business continuity regardless of interruption. The establishment of multiple data centers for disaster recovery has become an inevitable choice for many enterprises; the users would also establish multiple data centers to serve their business systems, so as to achieve high availability of applications and minimize normal and abnormal downtime losses.

Core capabilities

Development on demand, automation application, maintenance of simulation platforms

Functional development of OMM, such as performance monitoring, alarm management, user management, and data synchronization

Physical and virtual equipment disaster recovery development, application disaster recovery development, and third-party system integration development

Reliability testing overall solution, stress test, stability test, fault injection test, and testing tools

Test of main data center/disaster recovery data center, dual-operation data center and active-active data center

Capability advantages

The professional storage product R&D team has successfully delivered multiple phases of projects based on independent project design and development capabilities and testing capabilities, as well as deep understanding of storage business.

With the cutting-edge reliability testing concepts and methods in the industry, we can provide customers with the latest and timeliest storage system R&D programs and services, so as to help them to establish a comprehensive, systematic and efficient storage product R&D process.

Based on the lean project management, we have been proactively planning the business, instantiating practical requirements, and accurately meeting the requirements; making use of independent R&D tools to improve the delivery efficiency; and implementing star-level certification of personnel, to build a full-functional team.

Successful cases

R&D of supporting disaster recovery management software for a storage solution

Enterprise-level disaster recovery center test for a cloud data center

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