Intelligent service robots and solutions

Intelligent service robots and solutions

Product overview

With the continuous development and evolution of AI technologies, more enterprises have paid attention to applications in the field of AI. iSoftStone, as a leading innovative software and IT service provider in China, has been engaging in exploration and practice of AI technologies.

With the strong technical capabilities, iSoftStone has developed “intelligent service robots, which can achieve evolution and upgrade of the technological system from the “pre-AI era (search + keywords/template)” to the “post-AI era (search + natural language processing NLP + deep learning + reinforcement learning)” based on big data technology.




“Self-learning mechanism based on human-machine coordination” and integration (search + deep learning)” can make service robots smarter.

Product core and platform functions

Intelligent service robots mainly include intelligent search, knowledge base, and AI engine.

In addition, the intelligent service robots can also provide supporting functions such as knowledge base intelligent operation, hot spot analysis, public opinion analysis, and sensitivity analysis.

Product features

The intelligent service robot will be “smarter, with the following features:

Self-learning mechanism based on human-machine coordination

The high accuracy of intelligent services can deal with more complex scenarios

Application scenarios

Intelligent service robots are mainly provided for enterprises or institutions. During application, we should establish and operate the knowledge base based on the characteristics of the industry. It will serve as an intelligence assistant of enterprises (human-enterprise interactive portal of the new generation) based on AI dialogue robots, for dealing with more complex business scenarios of enterprises, such as multi-round intention recognition scenarios and task-based scenarios.



Customer benefits

Based on the 24/7 service mode, the intelligent service robot can provide 24/7 service in an unattended manner;

It can reduce enterprise service costs, and in most cases, reduce manpower input;

Advantages compared with other similar products in the industry:

Lower robot operating cost - Powerful generalization learning capability

Powerful AI brain engine capability output

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