Engineering Quality Management Solution

Engineering Quality Management Solution


Based on the theory of construction engineering quality management system and the business practice of real estate industry, iSoftStone Real Estate engineering quality management solution has realized the dynamic quality control of the whole life cycle of engineering management projects in real estate industry. It solves the quality management problems caused by long project cycle, rapid change and high complexity in the real estate industry, realizes effective management of information and knowledge and strict control of processes and comprehensively improves the project quality management level of enterprises. It provides an extra guarantee for the quality management of enterprises through strict management mechanism and authoritative statement analysis.


iSoftStone Real Estate engineering quality management solution establishes a perfect knowledge system for the construction in progress and achieves process standardization, data standardization and acceptance standardization, thus realizing integration of design and construction acceptance. Its timely task follow-up and early warning provides a barrier to quality and safety for enterprises. Accurate acceptance criteria, quick verification and retention, and quick rectification and follow-up provide efficient and convenient management for enterprises in the quality management process.

Clear and reasonable modules, processes and transaction processing are set up according to the actual business of customers, so that customers can operate and manage simply and conveniently; in addition, it provides strong support for user quality management through the powerful information database and powerful functions such as query, summary and analysis,

The iSoftStone Real Estate engineering quality management solution includes quality planning, inspection and acceptance, problem management, performance appraisal, statement files, system management and other modules.


Customer revenue

360° comprehensive project monitoring reduces project risks

By monitoring the whole process of project design, project construction and project acceptance, all quality events are recorded, investigated and rectified in a controlled environment, helping users to find and solve problems early and greatly reducing project supervision and quality risks.

Standardize management reduces management costs

The system helps users to establish standardized and automatic management processes and improve their work efficiency. Through reasonable planning and effective implementation of quality management, the influence of quality work on production can be reduced.

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