Marketing Management Solution

Marketing Management Solution


The iSoftStone Real Estate marketing solution inherits the advantages of traditional CRM and combines the cutting-edge technology of mobile Internet to innovate the real estate marketing business, abandons the traditional sales software as a sales process recording tool, and solves the problems of customer relationship management from marketing promotion, case follow-up, after-sales service to community interaction in the real estate industry. It is the best business solution for mobile management, social application, self-built cloud customer resource base and big data analysis application of real estate enterprises, as well as the interactive marketing and service platform based on the whole life cycle of real estate customers.



The overall solution of iSoftStone Real Estate marketing is created by conforming to the marketing development status of real estate companies and combining a large number of practical experiences of mobile Internet technology, which mainly includes network marketing platform, WeChat marketing, pad building sales, mobile phone marketing, participative marketing and marketing control analysis.

The system aims to create an integrated platform for customers on the whole society resources, such as intermediary agents, new and old owners, internal employees, partners and high-end circles, create participative marketing, mobilize all social forces to sell houses for you and expand more customers. It opens up and refines the internal business chains such as customer expansion and attraction and transaction conversion, so as to realize intensive use and efficient realization of customer resources and gain higher sales output with fewer customer resources. It also links traditional media and new media, real estate E-commerce and non-E-commerce and online channels and offline channels to realize the integration of existing resources and scale effect and 1+1>2.

Customer revenue

Innovate marketing ideas with the help of mobile Internet and achieve rapid business growth

It subverts the traditional customer management mode and realizes marketing reform and innovation with a new mobile case management thinking to further improve the sales management level of real estate enterprises; it flexibly displays real estate information, efficiently manages customer resources, enhances interaction with customers and provides dynamic data analysis with the help of mobile tools (mobile phones) to get rid of space constraints and realize a more convenient way to expand customers; it establishes an efficient and convenient SNS operation platform for customer marketing channels and brand promotion; it increases customer stickiness and brand awareness.

Reduce marketing costs and business risks by strictly controlling the marketing process


It monitors the completion of marketing plan and actual sales, analyzes the completion of sales performance and the shortage in marketing and forms marketing guidance to realize the performance management and commission settlement of marketing.

Various business activities has been connected to realize the effective integration of customer resources

With the help of iSoftStone Real Estate solutions, the seamless integration of customers in real estate business sectors such as marketing, property and commerce is formed and the customer relationship management system of residence and commerce is constructed, so that residence and commerce can promote each other better.

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