Fund management SAAS product

Fund management SAAS product

iSoftStone's Caizitong SaaS platform tackles a full range of pain points of enterprises, controls all kinds of accounts, reduces fund precipitation, improves fund operation efficiency, sets the approval conditions of fund procurement, monitors fund operation risks and eliminates fund-related violations. It helps enterprises lower costs and uplift efficiency, making the corporate fund "visible, controllable and allocable". 

Product orientation

Package service solution for the informationization reform process of clients' fund management

Management demand

Ø  Many subordinate entities and bank accounts that require a real-time view of multi-bank fund

Ø  Appraising the fund contribution of subordinate entities with centralized fund management and internal valuation

Ø  Integrated financial and fund management, and the internal system connected with the systems of external financial institutions

Ø  More receivables, payables, fund forecast and position management

Ø  Risk management of investment and financing

Enterprise size

Ø  Medium and small-sized enterprises with annual revenue of less than 5 billion yuan

IT building capacity

Ø No computer room

Ø No IT software and staff of equipment management

System users



Ø  Fund manager

Ø  Financial staff

Ø  Cashier

Core function

The cloud-based fund platform consists of three core applications i.e. enterprise terminal, operation terminal and interface platform.

Enterprise terminal

It refers to the financial and fund management system available to the enterprise user, who logs in the system and finishes the routine operation of fund management in the assigned business module. 


Operation terminal

The platform operator logs in the operation terminal to finish the routine operation maintenance and management e.g., enterprise registration, service commencement, resource allocation and content release. 


Interface platform

It tackles the safe data interaction between the enterprise's internal system and the cloud-based fund platform as well as the safe data interaction between the platform and financial institutions. 

Applicable scenarios

Costly local fund management system and no tailor-made needs

With the costs partially borne by the bank, enterprises are willing to accept the cost-efficient products and services recommended by the bank.


Costly hardware investment and no IT building capacity

In the cloud-based environment, the enterprise does not need to employ the staff dedicated for IT operation and maintenance, and can concentrate on its business management with financial matters handled at any time and any place. 


The growing enterprise in urgent need of fund management experience

In addition to fund products, it also provides clients with excellent management experience in the same sector for benchmarking. 


Application architecture


Business architecture 



Building fund SAAS ecology scenario


User value 

Lower financial costs

No costs of hardware and hardware management

Lower cost of purchasing the fund system

Lower labor cost


Better fund management capability

Enhancing the headquarters' control of the whole group

Improving cash flow efficiency

Emancipating financial employees

Creating better employee value


Stronger risk control ability

Pre-alerting of fund risks

Forecasting of cash flow management 

Liquidity management

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