iSoftStone-Huawei Cloud Channel Partner Recruitment in Full Swing

On March 16, 2021, iSoftStone concluded its first Huawei Cloud channel partner recruitment in Guangzhou. In 2021, it will comprehensively promote the "HUAWEI" strategic policy, deploy elite teams in over ten places including Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, and join hands with Huawei to facilitate cloud ecology.

Jiajia Wang, Director of Guangdong Cloud Computing Huawei Cloud Ecological Development Department

Jiajia WangDirector of Huawei Cloud Guangdong Ecological Development, said"In 2020, Huawei Cloud ranked second with a market share of 15.5%, with a year-on-year increase of 259.6%. Ecological power is a powerful boost to Huawei Cloud. Upholding the thought of “teaching people”, we make progress in an open, humble and win-win attitude. iSoftStone is a new partner competency center of Huawei Cloud in Guangdong. I believe we will make more achievements in 2021 with the help of such a strong team."

Dujun Li, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Guangdong Partner Competency Center of iSoftStone

Dujun Li, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Guangdong Partner Competency Center of iSoftStonetalked about the achievements during establishment, expansion and service of Guangdong Cloud and his confidence in the future.

iSoftStone Guangdong has set up a sales team of nearly 70 people in less than three months to provide 7 X 24-hour service to partners and customers. In the future, Guangzhou will serve as the competency center to accelerate personnel layout in key cities such as Dongguan, Foshan, Zhuhai and Huizhou to achieve full coverage of cloud services in Guangdong.

Yang Shen, Ecological Manager of Huawei Cloud Guangdong, delivered a speech entitled Be the Black Earth of Ecological Partners to Win-win Results

Hanfeng Zeng, Channel Sales Director of Huawei Cloud Partner Competency Center of iSoftStone, released the recruitment policy

Ping Qin, iSoftStone Guangzhou, delivered a speech on Welink solution

At the event, licenses were awarded to 25 iSoftStone Huawei Cloud Channel Partners in Guangdong.

As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone has maintained close ties Huawei for nearly two decades in cloud computing, big data, IoT, 5G technology, etc. Currently, relying on its independent innovation and industry accumulation, iSoftStone has built sound cloud service competence and solution capacitywhich enables it to offer customers with end-to-end cloud services.

In 2021, iSoftStone will lay out businesses in 14 key cities. Through professional cloud service certification of Huawei Cloud, it will conduct end-to-end competency building to enable Huawei Cloud channel partners and customers to realize one-stop service for digital transformation. In this recruitment activity, iSoftStone hopes to work with more excellent partners to build a digital cloud ecology for further development.

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