Yonyou Joins Hands with iSoftStone to Introduce “BenfangPlan”

Recently, the Yonyou Professional Service Ecological Development Conference themed by Ecological Co-prosperity, Cooperation and Win-Win was held in Beijing. At the Conference, Yonyou Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yonyou”) released “Yonyou Professional Service Ecosystem” and “Benfang Plan” dedicated to multiple fields such as management consulting, professional implementation, solution integration and technology platform, so as to build high-value, full-stack solutions and service capacities. Xiaoliang Wang and Niannong Yang, Senior Vice Presidents of iSoftStone, attended the meeting and delivered keynote speeches.

Build a business innovation platform to provide full stack services

Released in August 2020, YonBIP business innovation platform was dedicated to growth enterprises, large enterprises and giant enterprises. Yonyou integrated advanced and highly available technology platforms and public and key business applications and services to support business innovation. It is a comprehensive service platform characterized by digitalization, intelligence, high flexibility, safety and credibility, socialization, globalization, platformization and ecology. As a core product and service of Yonyou 3.0 strategy, it signifies that cloud services will be upgraded from product service mode to platform service mode. Jian Wang, Senior Vice President of Yonyou, indicated that the year 2020 marked the first year of ecological development of Yonyou professional services, and the Group attaches great importance to sustainable in-depth cooperation with its partners. On this basis, Jianxi Xu, Assistant President of Yonyou, explained in detail the Yonyou Professional Service Ecosystem and the Benfang Plan. Yonyou will refine the platform by sectors and fields and provide customers with high-value full-stack services. Besides, Huiping Li, a senior expert of Yonyou, pointed out that YonBIP is an ecological service platform integrating tools, capacities and resources. Ecological partners can carry out consulting, training, customized development, operation outsourcing and talent service through YonBIP to create more, newer and higher value for customers.


Speech by Jian Wang, Senior Vice President of Yonyou

As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone has been committed to promoting the digital transformation of domestic enterprises through digital technology in recent years. It has maintained close ties with Yonyou. At the meeting, Niannong Yang said that in the vast digital market, Yonyou and iSoftStone can provide digital service capacities and professional value for digital transformation of enterprises by creating a joint service mode of “consulting+platform+solution”.


Keynote speech by Niannong Yang, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone

Digital consulting leads high-value services and facilitates customer transformation

In recent years, iSoftStone has paid close attention to the development of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, AI, blockchain and 5G and the innovation of service modes, continuously carried out capacity building and technology development through rapid iteration, expanded the connotation and extension of information technology services, and gradually formed an all-round and full-stack digital technology service scheme covering consulting planning, solutions, business processes, information technology, delivery realization, etc. to help customers achieve continuous success.

Especially in the field of consulting services, iSoftStone makes greater efforts to strengthen its customer-oriented management consulting and solution service capacities. By 2020, iSoftStone Consulting has provided management consulting, technical consulting and self-solution services to central and local state-owned enterprises, as well as leading enterprises in many sectors. It also forms core consulting service strengths in the fields of strategic process planning, enterprise architecture design, digital transformation, data governance/management and control consulting, cloud platform planning, design and implementation, research and development and design of micro-service architecture, IPD/ISC, innovation in the application of information technology, etc., helping customers achieve high coupling between planning and implementation, and accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises.

In the future, the two sides will jointly build a consulting and implementation service capacity center to better meet the digital innovation needs of large and giant enterprises. Relying on iSoftStone's 7 information technology service bases and 14 core cities nationwide, as well as overseas institutions in Japan, North America and Southeast Asia, both companies will achieve effective coverage of the target market, provide more customers with customized services, and maximize customer value.


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