iSoftStone Facilitates Intelligent Manufacturing of the Auto Manufacturing Sector

Recently, the 2020 China Digital Annual Conference, themed by “Digital Future”, was unveiled in Chengdu. The Conference saw leading industry-university-research-application institutions in the field of digital science and technology, and over 1,000 pioneers of digital revolution” exploring the innovative development of industrial digitalization and digital industrialization.

iSoftStone delivered a keynote speech on digital transformation methodology in the field of auto manufacturing, and was awarded the Digital Manufacturing Innovation Solution of the Year for its services in the auto manufacturing industry.

Seek a new path for transformation of the manufacturing industry

In the post-pandemic era, the world embraces a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. In China, the construction of Digital China and the digital transformation of enterprises are in full swing, making it urgent to promote the in-depth upgrading of intelligent manufacturing. In the 14th Five-Year Plan, developing emerging sectors of strategic importance, and promoting the construction of new infrastructure are the key to enhance upgrading of industrial base and improve economic quality, efficiency and core competitiveness. Traditional manufacturing sector needs to build a new path of digital transformation based on industrial Internet, which is a vital means for the manufacturing industry to pursue digitalization, intelligence and networking development.

As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone makes good use of cloud computing, big data, digital twin and other technologies, reconstructs the industrial chain and value chain of the manufacturing industry through industrial Internet, and promotes the evolution of traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing to facilitate the digital development of the industry. Capable of building a digital factory in auto manufacturingiSoftStone can offer overall information and digital solution for the automobile industry.

Years of efforts accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the auto manufacturing

In view of the increasingly complex transformation needs of the automobile industry, iSoftStone forms core service strengths in digital planning, digital supply chain management, digital collaborative manufacturing, digital quality management, digital operation and maintenance, digital operation and decision-making, etc. The digital factory it build can help customers realize rapid transformation from overall planning consultation, digital construction, and intelligent transformation. Finally, all production-related information is digitally presented to ensure uninterrupted production process data. On this basis, system tools are added to realize visual and predictable management, and render digital manufacturing resources, production process, field operation, quality control and material control.

iSoftStone has served many well-known auto manufacturing enterprises, and accumulated profound experience. For example, it created a comprehensive and efficient manufacturing execution system to meet the needs of an automobile company to achieve the objectives of lean manufacturing and intelligent just-in-time production management. It can support the flexible and efficient production and mass mixed lines, and work with ERP system and underlying equipment to realize data interaction, equipment status monitoring and equipment automatic control, and realize the optimization of production scheduling, informatization of operation guidance and visualization of production process.

Digital transformation of the manufacturing industry is the requirement of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, as well as the need of deepening supply-side structural reform and consolidating the foundation of national economic development. In such context, iSoftStone will join hands with partners to drive the development of the industry with digitalization and embrace the digital future of manufacturing industry.

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