iSoftStone Facilitates Digital Upgrade of Financial Industry with Data Application Evaluation System

Recently, BDIE2021 6th Asia-Pacific Bank Digital Innovation Expo was held in Shanghai. With the deepening of financial digitalization, new business models such as mobile banking and open banking are constantly emerging. Many guests from the banking industry discussed hot topics such as digital innovation empowering the sustainable development of the banking industry. Zhongliang Che, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, delivered a keynote speech entitled Construction of Data Application Evaluation System.

The digital transformation of the financial industry has highlighted the role of data capitalization and data value. Emerging technologies such as big data and AI are basic elements as well as key means of digital finance, and all point to the same object-data. An effective data application test system will facilitate the digital development of finance.

Che mentioned that the quality evaluation system of data application and the evaluation system of transaction application vary due to different data generation mechanism, data storage characteristics and data processing logic. Based on the technical and application characteristics of data test, the Data Service Team of iSoftStone has constructed a complete set of data application evaluation system to better support the development of large-scale data application test and safeguard the high-quality delivery of data applications.

The financial sector has been focusing on digital transformation, with digital finance becoming a vital content and means of modern financial system construction. In 2021, the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, which proposes to accelerate digital development and build a digital economy, iSoftStone will also grasp opportunities to continuously strengthen the value mission of "customer-centered", and create value for customers with digital technology.

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