iSoftStone Joins Hands with Two Universities to Cultivate HarmonyOS Ecology Talents

As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone has maintained close ties with Huawei for many years, and actively participates in the development and construction of HarmonyOS, a future-oriented and all-scenario distributed operating system of Huawei.

To speed up the popularization and application of HarmonyOS and enhance the competitiveness and influence of HarmonyOS ecology, iSoftStone, through iSoftStone Education, jointly joins hands with Huawei, Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology to develop HarmonyOS teaching resources. The three sides actively exchanged views to form a cooperation mode to facilitate ecological layout of HarmonyOS in colleges and universities.

The introduction of HarmonyOS series courses in colleges and universities reveals, for one thing, rich curriculum system and project cases of HarmonyOS, and for another, ability and determination of iSoftStone Education to participate in the training of domestic talents in independent and controllable technological ecological development.

iSoftStone Education mainly develops mobile application development experimental manuals for Wuhan University and students will master many important technologies such as storage, distributed development and video application development in HarmonyOS mobile application development; and offers operating system experimental manuals for Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and students will learn core skills such as HarmonyOS operating system kernel source code interpretation, kernel development and compilation, process interaction, driver development, etc.

These experimental manuals are detailed and easy to understand, and can well guide students to complete HarmonyOS experiments and master the practical application of relevant technical points. Thus, they are highly praised by colleges and universities.


Recommended blog published by senior lecturers of iSoftStone Education

iSoftStone Education has a number of senior lecturers who study HarmonyOS technology. They have published many blogs in HarmonyOS technology community, actively asked problems of developers, and won the title of star in HarmonyOS technology community.


(iSoftStone Education lecturers won HarmonyOS Technology Community Star Medal)

iSoftStone Education will continue to promote the construction and development of HarmonyOS ecology, and cultivate more outstanding talents with innovative consciousness, innovative ability, practical ability and international vision.

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