Good News | Strategic Synergy Worked: iSoftStone Won the Bid for Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor's Primary Marketing Data Project

iSoftStone successfully won the bid for the marketing architecture and information architecture counseling service project of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Liuzhou) not long ago. 

For the business architecture counseling services under this project, we will provide analytical materials and reference routings for the IT system planning, procedure optimization and PV/CV system integration of Dongfeng Liuzhou to avoid the repeated development of common applications of all operating departments and increase the flexibility and agility of Dongfeng Liuzhou's new operating procedures. For the information architecture counseling services, we will rearrange the corporate information architecture as a whole, clarify the data base and data lake elements, the scope of data treatment and the development concepts of data application system and probe into the status-quo of data assets in the marketing sector. 

This project collectively reflects iSoftStone's continuous growth in corporate digitalization counseling, data middle platform product R&D and digitalization service ability in recent years. It indicates that the Company has gradually established a comprehensive service ability that covers digitalization counseling, product R&D, IT implementation, operational maintenance and solution development while satisfying the digital transformation needs of enterprises. iSoftStone's patented data middle platform product, i.e., Middle platform on the Cloud: Chongming, will enable Dongfeng Liuzhou's collective customer management and customer retention data. It will also be seamless connected to the four major platforms, i.e., client contact platform, dealer platform, marketing management platform and data platform, assist Dongfeng Liuzhou in its accelerated digital transformation process and help it to become a new paradigm in intelligent manufacturing transformation among domestic automakers. 

About Middle platform on the Cloud: Chongming

Middle platform on the Cloud: Chongming is a professional data/AI middle platform based on the cloud native architecture as independently developed by iSoftStone. Through integrated zero/low-code family and rich tool chains, it develops a customized platform that covers the scenes along the full chain at a controllable cost in a modular manner. Its products can rapidly match an enterprise's existing information system, realize seamless integration, help the client to rapidly establish a fully-digital application system, deeply mine the data value and help with the enterprise's digital transformation and intelligent upgrading. 



Currently, the platform provides 8 pass service ecologies, i.e., data integration, data governance, data R&D, data service, scene AI, AILab, IT service and block chain service, to help establish the full-life-cycle management scenes of corporate data. 

About Dongfeng Liuzhou 

Founded in 1954, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd (Dongfeng Liuzhou) is a state-owned enterprise in which Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd holds 75% stakes and Guangxi Liuzhou Industrial Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd holds 25% stakes. The Company has a covering area of about 5,180mu (3,454,000sqm) and a workforce of over 5,700 staffs. It is the commercial vehicle production base, passenger vehicle production base, proprietary brand R&D base and Southeast Asia export base of Dongfeng Motor in South China. It has two brands, i.e., Chenglong and Dongfeng Fengxing Commercial and Passenger Vehicle; its commercial vehicles include series of tractor, truck, self-dumping truck, special-purpose vehicle, pure electric logistics vehicle and pure electric sanitary vehicle and its passenger vehicles include series of MPV, SUV, sedan, pure electric MPV and pure electric sedan. 

Dongfeng Liuzhou has four complete auto production and manufacturing techniques and accessory facilities and two new production bases, i.e., Liudong commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle bases, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 commercial vehicles and 400,000 passenger vehicles. The B+ engine project that is under construction is primarily designed for the production of EW engine series with a displacement of 2.0 and 1.8T. The current production capacity is 100,000 units/year and can satisfy the demands of Dongfeng Group and other auto factories. 

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