With Expertise in Harmony, iSoftStone Assists with Harmony Ecology in All Scenes

Since the release of HUAWEI HarmonyOS last year, this operating system that was born for the Internet of Everything has accumulated over 130 million users. Due to the dual impacts of the regeneration cycle of electronic products and the systematic development cycle of accessory products, the enthusiastic response of enterprises and the strong support from users, the Harmony ecology has become a "blue sea" for further development.

As an important partner of Huawei with years of extensive and profound cooperation, iSoftStone has actively participated in the development of the Harmony ecology and taken all hardware and software-related measures in R&D, application, ecology and sustainable development to assist with the development of the Harmony ecology in an all-around manner. To iSoftStone, the Harmony ecology is not only commercially valuable, but also can promote independent innovation and development on a higher level and contribute to science and technology-based development of China.

"Know Harmony technically" and assist with its commercialization

Electronic equipment, smart home appliance, smart vehicle and increasingly-popular smart devices provide the convenience unique to our digital era and create the "barrier" between devices and ecologies. The HarmonyOS was created for the Internet of Everything for its breaking the "barriers" of different devices and ecologies upon just one single pull and touch without complicated connection steps.

Such an operating system requires a different mindset compared with prior operating systems and an innovation mentality from the R&D phase. iSoftStone has adopted a bidirectional strategy of the "southward" development mode featuring the route of northern HarmonyOS assembly development through the approach of integrated software and hardware development on the basis of HarmonyOS's ecological features to assist with the commercialization of HarmonyOS: Harmony’s northward OS R&D àecological technological cooperationàsolution counseling, design and development service and the "northward" development mode featuring the route of lean deviceàrich deviceàHarmony cell phoneànorthern application, which shows a R&D mode of from “the south to the north” and the two-wheel driving, two-pronged approach. As commented by industry insiders, iSoftStone is one of the few companies that knows about the Harmony ecology technologically in China.

Diversify application scenes and make new breakthroughs continuously

On the application layer, iSoftStone has made innovative development on new interaction and new service based on OpenHarmony architecture and the distributive ability of HarmonyOS and engaged in R&D of relevant applications oriented to specific scenes. It has made breakthroughs in new interactive experience of smart terminal, smart device application scene and OS third-party assembly successively while ensuring the smooth migration of features.

Today, iSoftStone has accumulated a plurality of proprietary intellectual properties through Harmony scenes-related R&D work. It is one of the top 8 players out of the 3,100+ contestants in the HarmonyOS developer innovation contest. Its smart farmland system and smart triangular warning board deployment system customized for specific scenes also won the third prize during the HarmonyOS developer innovation contest.

In practical application scenes, iSoftStone cooperated with Huawei to release the Huawei Professional Smart Panel Solution, including hwCloudlink and ideashare. It has been released on AppStore, Huawei APP Market and various other APP markets. iSoftStone CloudVC solution, the first conference soft terminal solution that supports the KirinOS as released at the end of June this year, has accumulated over 1 million end users.

Strengthen ecology development and make more products intelligent

As a provider of total-scene solutions of Harmony ecology, iSoftStone has established ecological partnerships with over 100 device makers of the industry, covering intelligent home, sports & health, smart transportation, office & education, film, music and entertainment sectors. Through maximal use of Harmony's distributive features, iSoftStone can help more collaborative manufacturers to substantially reduce the "connection costs" of devices and minimize the user's operating costs arising from multiple devices switching.

For instance, through secondary development of Bluetooth master control, we developed the "find nearby" feature for a famous domestic electric vehicle maker which can directly activate the pop-up window of device discovery within a distance of 30cm and enable adding of device upon one single touch of button. Through device information recording of NFC, we developed the features of device addition upon NFC touch and automatic synchronization and storage on the cell phone and the cloud for a blood sugar meter.

Through fast and efficient SDK adaptation, iSoftStone has provided Harmony services for more than 200 products, of which over 40 products have been certified. In the future, iSoftStone will assist more makers to connect their products to Huawei's smart total-scene ecology rapidly and efficiently and realize the Harmony-based intellectualization of more products. It will promote more enterprises to join the HarmonyOS Connect ecology.

Develop a sustainable closed-loop talent training system

Although Harmony has attracted over 100 million users in a short time, it is still an emerging ecology. Therefore, developing a talent reserve is particularly important. Joint efforts of outstanding developers and enormous consumers are the only way to realize a sustainable closed-loop ecology.

iSoftStone Education, the educational brand under the flagship of iSoftStone, has joined hands with Huawei on school-enterprise cooperation in order to expand the user and developer group of Harmony. It has cooperated and exchanged with multiple famous domestic universities through project development, project training, teacher training, teaching material development and joint course development since early 2021. The course that iSoftStone Education developed separately has been incorporated into the course system of Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The Harmony OS Development Practices and OpenHarmony Third-party Assembly Development Guide as released this year will be available for sale soon. iSoftStone has also developed a Harmony Education column at Huawei Developer Alliance, 51CTO and elecfans.com online to spread the latest cutting-edge technologies and promote Harmony ecology. So far, iSoftStone Harmony Institute has produced 39 original articles and launched 12 video courses, with a total of over 400,000 clicks.

In the open-source field, iSoftStone Education has closely cooperated with the OpenAtom Foundation to strengthen the ecology. iSoftStone Education actively responded to the Star Program and devoted itself to the development of Harmony community. As head of the SIG mentor group and one of the subject makers of the developer growth initiative, iSoftStone Education's senior lecturer has participated in the recruitment of project titles and mentors and continuously tracked the project progress. It has also been certified as a HUAWEI Developer Expert (HDE) by Huawei to laud and reward our teachers' outstanding contributions to the developer community.

The national OpenHarmonyOS Teacher Training Class, as sponsored by iSoftStone and OpenHarmony Project Group Work Committee, guided by OpenAtom Foundation and organized by Nanjing BearPi Intelligent Technology, was successfully held during the summer holiday this year. This class is expected to promote the Harmony ecology and improve the university education ecology of OpenHarmony. iSosftStone Education's senior leacturer and OpenHarmony Foundation's certified silver lecturer presided over the training class. Over 500 teachers of the collaborative universities of iSoftStone Education participated in the training and responded actively, thus substantially enhancing the university teachers' understanding of the open-source HarmonyOS and the national IT application innovation system.

As a domestically-leading all-around IT service and industrial solution provider and an important partner of Huawei, iSoftStone will continue to support the Harmony ecology in all scenes in an all-around manner, provide solutions to more partners and create more industrial opportunities and values. In the future, both parties will further increase the depth and breadth of cooperation, jointly establish a new life for the digital economic era and develop an intelligent world where all things are interconnected.

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