Ceremony for Launching of iSoftStone UCD User Centered Design Center and Medal Presentation of the First Experience Design Contest was Successfully Held

The ceremony for launching of iSoftStone UCD (User Centered Design) Center and medal presentation of the first experience design contest, based on the theme of “Design for a Better Future of Intelligence and Technology”, was held at Tian’an Yungu, Shenzhen not long ago. Multiple customer representatives and industrial experts were invited to attend the ceremony. Huang Ying, vice chairman of iSoftStone also attended the ceremony to witness the formal completion of the UCD Center and granted the awards to the winners.

Experience is important wherever we go and user experience design is common in all walks of life. Robust user experience design capability is also the core competitiveness of a product. iSoftStone’s UCD Center has been incubated and developed continuously through the cooperation projects with partners. In the future, iSoftStone will keep nurturing more professional design talents based on innovation; develop transdisciplinary teams, user experience culture, experience user database and other software; establish an all-around capability center featuring integration of hardware and software and thus lay a solid base for more influential brand reputation.

iSoftStone’s UCD Center standardizes its experience design process according to the industrial trend of experience design and customer needs. The exported survey and research package and total-process activity guide have been put to practice in multiple strategic projects with good effects and produced organizational assets. It thus improves the general organizational capability through online and offline enabling. Courses are recorded for different subjects via the online learning platform so that designers can learn online. Enabling training classes are regularly organized offline for face-to-face teaching, inquiry and interaction. The UCD total-process design method has been established to help all designers rapidly master the system and deliver more quality projects to customers.

In the future, iSoftStonne UCD Center will construct software and hardware experience infrastructures; establish an evaluation system of product experience; and set up a user experience responsibility system to effectively help the staffs know about their development goals.


Launch Ceremony of “iSoftStone UCD Center”

The first UCD Contest of iSoftStone was held in more than 20 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Xi’an for over two months. It covered the brand design, interactive design, 3D modeling, spatial design, video, illustration and board painting of an extensive array of products, including big screen, webpage, APP, vehicular, intelligent home decoration, packing and other application designs. It fully proves that iSoftStone UCD’s professional ability has been rooted across the company and is developing on a fast track.

Totally 12 groups and individuals were granted honors, including one gold medal, two silver medals, three bronze medals and six popularity medals.




Congratulations on all award-winning teams and individuals. As Mr. Huang said to the designers during the ceremony:

As a designer, we need to design for “people” and “bring a better life for people”. Your design must be an extension of your real feelings and full of your yearnings for a better future. Your work must be designed to pamper the user with ease of operation but not just for delivery, winning an award or acclaim. I hope all designers and artists can cherish their true love, justice, fearlessness and sympathy from the bottom of heart.


“Design for a Better Future of Intelligence and Technology” isn’t just a theme of this ceremony, but the mission of iSoftStone’s UCD Center. I believe iSoftCloud’s designers will try their best to make innovations, produce better works and create higher values. 

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