iSoftStone Honored as “2021 Annual Best Creation Partner of TD Tech”

TD Tech held its 2021 Annual Partner Summit based on the theme of “Beginning of the Long Journey of 5G Innovation” in Chengdu not long ago. Elites, experts and scholars from all walks of life and leaders of partners along the ecological chain all gathered together to talk about the future of 5G and the industrial development trend and share their R&D achievements. With its “ICP (Integrated Communication Platform) joint development project, iSoftStone was honored as “2021 Annual Best Creation Partner of TD Tech”.


“ICP project” is a major breakthrough in the conventional technical service cooperation between iSoftStone and TD Tech as it creates a new product cooperation mode, i.e.  “joint development”, by which both partners raise the product demand, exchange technologies, engage in collaborative R&D and share intellectual properties and commercial gains.


iSoftStone has been highly acclaimed by clients for its robust technical powers, efficient execution and end-to-end service ability and ranked the first among TD Tech suppliers for 3 times in a row. Meanwhile, iSoftStone is the only one of all 4 suppliers to sign the new framework agreement on terminal product lines. The honor of annual best creation partner acquired on the basis of this joint development project shows TD Tech’s recognition of iSoftStone’s services and cooperation fruits and the joint R&D capabilities of iSoftStone.

With increasing national emphasis on and supports to technological development and intellectual properties, iSoftStone has kept investing in collaborative creation and cooperated with various research institutes, clients and incubators from the perspectives of conceptual innovation, frontier technology and strategic partnership. Moreover, iSoftStone owns more than 100 patented products and solutions and has made continuous breakthroughs in Harmony, AIoT, RPA+AI, cloud native and collaborative office. iSoftStone is committed to improving customer values through digital technologies, tries to increase its industrial capability and influence and serves the society through its technical expertise with clients and partners.

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