Honghu Wanlian and SMDT Partnered to Expedite the Commercialization of OpenHarmony Ecosystem

Honghu Wanlian (Jiangsu) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Honghu Wanlian), a subsidiary of iSoftStone, inked a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Smart Device Technology Co., Ltd. (SMDT) on April 25. The signing ceremony was attended by Zhangbo Qin, General Manager of Honghu Wanlian, Huifu Liu, CTO of iSoftStone, and Shengcheng Luo, Executive Vice President of SMDT. To prosper the OpenHarmony ecosystem and empower industries, the two sides will focus on the building of the OpenHarmony ecosystem, deepen their collaboration in technological innovation, product R&D, and industry solutions centered on localized IT innovation strategy and industrial digital transformation.


In the princinple of "Equality and Reciprocity, Complementary Advantages, Win-win Collaboration and Common Development", Honghu Wanlian and SMDT will collaborate on OpenHarmony for industry and hardware solutions with Honghu Wanlian's SwanLinkOS stretching into sectors including transportation, media, advertising, finance, and education. The two sides will collaborate in depth to lead a new pattern in the domestic software industry.

Honghu Wanlian is a high-tech company affiliated with iSoftStone that specializes in the R&D and industrialization of intelligent IoT OSs. It implements iSoftStone's OpenHarmony strategy, focuses on vertical industry sectors, empowers a range of industries, creates value for customers, and promotes the Internet of Everything.

SMDT is a technology innovation firm with full-stack capabilities in "algorithm+ IoT hardware + software + cloud platform", dedicated to using AI to empower real-world scenarios. Hardware, software, applications, services, and other full-stack commercial display solutions and IoT ecosystem platforms are all part of its business.

At the signing ceremony, Zhangbo Qin introduced the company's business map and development status, with a focus on the technical capability and development planning of OpenHarmony. She stated that Honghu Wanlian has industry-leading solution capabilities, robust technical implementation capabilities, and can provide full-stack OpenHarmony services ranging from chip adaptation, OS development to products and solutions. SwanLinkOS is now the first OpenHarmony for highly interactive devices and the first time that OpenHarmony empowers the commercial display industry. Honghu Wanlian will continue its innovation and leverage SMDT's strengths in hardware solutions to make bigger advances in vertical industrial sectors.

Shengcheng Luo stated that SMDT is confident in the OpenHarmony ecosystem and recognizes Honghu Wanlian's expertise and contribution to the OpenHarmony ecosystem. He hoped that this collaboration would allow both parties to expand their business maps and launch more products and solutions in the OpenHarmony business field.


The strategic collaboration between Honghu Wanlian and SMDT ushers in a new development stage of the OpenHarmony ecosystem. Both parties are digital transformation pioneers. Through this strategic collaboration, they will complement each other's capabilities and resources, promote win-win cooperations in their businesses, accelerate OpenHarmony's commercialization, provide new momentum for the OpenHarmony ecosystem and the synergistic development of hardware and software, and collaboratively advance the construction of digital China.

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