KCSP Certification, an Official Recognition of iSoftStone in Cloud Native Capability

iSoftStone just passed the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) certification, making it a Kubernetes service provider officially certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). This certification recognizes iSoftStone's capacities in cloud native services.


The KCSP program is an initiative of the CNCF and the Linux Foundation to certify service providers with substantial experience in Kubernetes enterprise applications. As the world's largest cloud computing community, CNCF has been committed to promoting the development of cloud native technologies and services. The KCSP program selects experienced Kubernetes service providers through a rigorous review process, and assists other enterprises in integrating Kubernetes through professional services or training, promoting the long-term development of the entire cloud native ecosystem.

The KCSP certification demonstrates iSoftStone's contribution, experience and product strength in the cloud native field. Based on Huawei's cloud native technologies, iSoftStone has built a cloud native infrastructure to support digital enterprises and build new business infrastructure; in terms of management digitalization, it has built platform-based and ecological enterprises to enhance supply-side capabilities; and in terms of business digitalization, it has been innovating digital products and services to meet customers' high digital technology demands. iSoftStone has formed a set of full-stack, end-to-end intelligent cloud services through its "Cloud Native+" approach, which has extended its digital support to customers from R&D, marketing, and IT services to high-value-added industries such as consultation and solutions.

Cloud native is the future infrastructure and accelerator of digital innovation, and a must-have for digital transformation of enterprises. iSoftStone will continue to invest in cloud native to provide customers with more professional Kubernetes services and technical support, and contribute to the openness and standardization of cloud computing.

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