SwanLink Released the First SwanLinkOS Transportation Software and Won the OpenHarmony Compatibility Certificate

SwanLink (Jiangsu) Technology Development Co., Ltd. ("SwanLink") under iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation and was awarded the OpenHarmony Ecological Product Compatibility Certificate.


OpenHarmony is an open source project hatched and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation and in the charge of the OpenHarmony Working Committee. OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation is a vital link to ensure the interconnection of OpenHarmony ecological products supported by a unified technology base.

Transportation is a basic, leading and strategic industry in the national economy, a crucial service industry and a vital part of the modern economic system. For example, China leads the world in terms of ride-hailing capacity and logistics throughput, paving the way for the development of intelligent transportation. The deep integration of digital technology and transportation industry is giving a boost to the rapid development of intelligent transportation.

SwanLink, as a high-tech enterprise under iSoftStone, fully implements the OpenHarmony strategy of iSoftStone and focuses on the research and development of intelligent IoT operating system and industrialization services. Guided by the strategy of "turning China into a country with vast transport infrastructure" and adhering to the national information technology application innovation strategy, SwanLink has launched a safer, smarter and more convenient distribution of SwanLinkOS transportation software, which is a full-scenario distributed domestic independent operating system for the transportation field. SwanLinkOS transportation software adapts to OpenHarmony 3.1 Release version, and supports domestic Rockchip RK3399, RK3568 and other mainstream chips. It has a wide range of traffic application scenarios, and can be applied to traffic fields such as road condition monitoring, electronic monitoring, road condition big data analysis, shipping intelligent terminals, navigation communication equipment, ship screen equipment, intelligent maritime search and rescue equipment, etc.

By virtue of the strong R&D capability of iSoftStone, SwanLink takes OpenHarmony as the technical base, deeply cultivates key core technologies, actively explores the intelligent construction in the transportation field, and promotes the digital upgrading of the industry. In the future, SwanLink will take SwanLinkOS transportation software release as the base, insist on independent and controllable core technologies, and serve the construction of a transportation power with digital technology.

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