Inclusive Financial Solutions

Inclusive Financial Solutions


Financial institutions such as e-commerce banks, policy banks, and commercial banks utilizes the robust all-round IT service capability of iSoftStone to provide financial services for users in counties. This kind of financial model is called "Inclusive Finance". With the aid of customer operation, data risk control, Internet products, capital introduction, and other technologies and capabilities, these institutions rely on the Alipay county credit data platform to coordinate various parties in the creation of a financial risk management mechanism, to promote the adoption of Internet financial business in counties and enhance the financing ability and skills of urban and rural residents there.

The product is an inclusive financial product based on Internet and big data joint developed by iSoftStone and E-commerce banks. It utilizes the Internet plus big data technology to build a credit decision-making model with local industry characteristics for the county level. The responsibility of the licensed technology service company is to assist the government in accessing system data, build a basic credit information platform, and provide data processing services according to the data format required by the credit reference model.

Highlights: The product can provide unsecured, pure credit, all-weather credit loan services for farmers. It only takes three minutes to apply for a loan and one second to review and grant the loan, with zero manual intervention. The maximum loan amount is RMB 300,000, and the per capita loan interest rate is 0.03% daily interest.

Users can apply for and repay a loan via mobile phones, without the need to provide any paper materials. Therefore, farmers can enjoy the "24-hour" personal credit service at their doorsteps.

Government Benefits

① Promote GDP growth by increasing sources of funds and taxes. Through the cooperation between the application platform and the local financial institutions, all payment flow on the platform is cleared through a local third-party bank, which helps to bring billions of funds to the local banks every year, to improve the economic strength of the region and to drive the GDP growth. Tapping into the tax resources at the municipal, county and regional levels will bring a huge tax increment, so that the funds and taxes will remain in the local area, and the local economy will achieve substantial growth.

Support farmers through government-enterprise cooperation programs. Carry out Inclusive Finance publicity activities through local news media, park squares, village (community) bulletin boards, and banners; go deep into the urban and rural streets in counties, publicize and popularize the model of Inclusive Finance, to let the farmers understand, get familiarized with and use inclusive products, and provide fast and convenient financial credit services to meet the urgent needs of farmers, such as speeding up production, expanding breeding, and selling agricultural products through e-commerce channels.


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