Logistics Order Management Solution OMS

Logistics Order Management Solution OMS


iSoftStone's order management system (OMS) realizes the unified planning, scheduling and optimization of the logistics execution process with orders as the thread, and meets the different requirements such as order receiving, order splitting and merging, transportation and storage planning, task allocation, event and exception management and order visualization.

At the same time, OMS is closely combined with the WMS and the TMS logistics execution modules, to substantially improve the execution efficiency of the supply chain logistics, reduce the logistics cost, and optimize the supply chain.

Functional Architecture

OMS can flexibly grasp the progress and completion of orders through order management and tracking functions.


Capability Advantages

Multi-channel, multi-form order access and seamless matching of order interfaces from various systems help meet requirements for different information environments;

An offering of all kinds of rule configuration can meet different customer needs;

Automatic order processing engine helps to improve the efficiency of order processing;

Flexible order processing modes can meet the different needs of various types of orders;

The whole-process visual tracking service for global orders enabled through integration of upstream and downstream systems can help to meet the requirements of customers, enterprises and managers to track and manage orders.

Customer Value

Improving efficiency: Improve the order processing efficiency, order delivery efficiency and in-sales, after-sales efficiency of customer service.

Cost saving: Reasonable choice of transportation modes saves freight cost; highly automated, intelligent operations help reduce labor costs; coordination between logistics business systems helps reduce time cost.

Optimization management: Process management gets more detail-oriented; customizing the control nodes to deepen the control of the overall business; exercising effective performance management on the overall business execution.


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