Supply Chain Collaboration Solution

Supply Chain Collaboration Solution


iSoftStone supply chain collaboration solution enables intelligent collaboration and redundancy elimination in all links of the supply chain, such as purchasing, order processing, tracking, warehousing, logistics, finance and insurance, and integrates suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and end users to help enterprises provide users with satisfactory products and services.


Capability Advantages

Collaborative supply chain

Promoting network collaborative development across the industry chain and value chain, to achieve coordination between the upstream and downstream players of the industry chain.

Multi-service and multi-system collaborative operation

Taking advantage of the effective collaboration between internal and external supply chains, to achieve multi-service collaborative operation.

Flexible configuration of system and rapid deployment of business

Combining various logistics services in a dynamic manner, and effectively coordinating various logistics business through the selection of different logistics solutions.

Unified collaborative dispatching management, and timely warning and regulation

Gathering internal and external resources and information on a unified platform and devising consistent strategies for order scheduling and tracking.

Visual tracking in the whole process to ensure supply chain security

The system can track the whole process of business processing, so that shippers can keep track of the execution of orders, carriers can keep track of the transportation of goods, and dealers can keep track of the inventory.

Customer Benefits

Automatically forwarding enterprise demand to the supplier order management system, to improve the operation efficiency of suppliers;

Automatically planning pick-up routes, to improve vehicle loading rate, and reduce logistics costs;

Accurately regulating the delivery time of suppliers, to guide suppliers' stocking and reduce inventory cost;

Tracking vehicles in real time, to steer vehicles to enter the site and improve logistics efficiency.

Typical Customers

Manufacturing enterprises

Enterprises in circulation trade 

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