The Solution to Logistics Cloud Platform Logistics Cloud Platform Solutions

The Solution to Logistics Cloud Platform

Logistics Cloud Platform Solutions


The three-in-one intelligent logistics cloud platform developed by the iSoftStone leverages its advantages in "logistics+Internet+big data" and fully consolidates the relevant resources along the logistics industry chain, to provide resource matching services for cargo owners, vehicle owners, logistics transportation companies, warehousing enterprises, automobile maintenance enterprises, and insurance companies.


Functional Architecture

The platform mainly provides logistics e-commerce, logistics transportation, logistics warehousing, urban distribution, logistics information, logistics finance, logistics big data and other related services.

Core Capabilities

Supporting automatic dispatch, manual matching and other types of service for orders

Providing multimodal transport services and accommodating various logistics transportation modes and operation modes

Relying on an intelligent scheduling algorithm to provide the optimal transportation scheme and route design

Enabling intelligent warehouse management and supporting batch data processing

Establishing a credit system to offer financial services

Supporting flexible and convenient payment methods

Enabling remote positioning and tracking

Capability Advantages

Internet plus logistics makes logistics more efficient.

The coordination between different work processes enabled thorough an Internet-based operation model helps improve the logistics efficiency and reduce the logistics cost.

Visual process control makes the services more accessible.

The system covers all links such as transportation management, distribution management, warehousing management, freight forwarder management, transfer warehouse management, regulatory pledge, logistics finance, billing and settlement, to enable visual process control for each link.

Personalized logistics solutions give customers more peace of mind.

The system provides a combination of logistics business models to meet the varying needs of customers.

The adoption of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology makes logistics process more intelligent

With the aid of the IoT and mobile technologies, the users can monitor equipment and goods throughout the process and give early warning for abnormal conditions when necessary.

Customer Value

Logistics parks: Establishing a stable logistics service system that can help enhance the comprehensive service capability of the park and increase the operating income and the added value of assets in the park.

Logistics enterprises: Improving their service capability; expanding their business scope; increasing their revenue and profit; enhancing their overall competitiveness by solving those recurrent problems; creating more financing channels for them.

Local government: Creating a sound environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, to attract talents and improve the employment rate.


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