Logistics Transportation Management System TMS

Logistics Transportation Management System TMS

System overview

iSoftStone Transportation Management System (TMS) takes logistics transportation management as its core, and coordinates the transportation information of shippers, consignees, transportation enterprises, drivers and third-party logistics enterprises. It can also realize the collaborative management and visual monitoring of the whole logistics transportation process, improve work efficiency and resource utilization rate, and reduce logistics costs.

Manage transportation nodes: vehicles, routes, carriers, company outlets, etc.

Visualization of the whole process: order, scheduling, transportation plan, transportation execution, in-transit monitoring and waybill settlement

Functional architecture

Transportation Management System (TMS), in addition to traditional software products and services, provides convenient and rapid transportation management services for logistics enterprises such as third-party logistics, LTL transportation and trunk transportation through SaaS service mode.


Core competence

Supports a variety of transportation modes: fully supports a variety of transportation services such as LTL special routes, full truckload direct delivery, urban distribution, multi-modal transport, etc., and applies to a variety of logistics enterprises;

The cost-profit control of the whole process: taking orders as a unit, provides logistics enterprise managers with profit monitoring of each order from the profit estimation of quotation to the cost accounting of each transportation process, and provides business reports from the angles of routes, drivers and vehicles to help logistics enterprise managers analyze transportation operations;

Visual intelligent logistics scheduling: according to multi-dimensional data such as customers, pickup and delivery addresses, goods attributes, and task urgency, reasonable and flexible vehicle scheduling is carried out to comprehensively improve the accuracy and efficiency of vehicle scheduling and improve the utilization rate of enterprise vehicles;

Visual tracking and monitoring in transit: Monitors the vehicle status, running track and real-time position during transportation, and controls nodes according to the route arrangement, so as to realize sign-in and route deviation warning, so that the transportation status can be seen at a glance.

Competence advantage

SaaS mode reduces the threshold of informatization construction of logistics enterprises, and is a ready-to-use and on-demand payment method. So logistics enterprises can carry out informatization business with zero investment and reduce their investment risks;

The software widely supports various transportation modes such as LTL, trunk line and city distribution of various logistics enterprises. The whole transportation process uses intelligent scheduling, business collaboration, in-transit monitoring, visual tracking and other means to make logistics transportation management more efficient;

The concept of cost-profit runs through the whole process of order, which advances the supervision and punishment after the operation management to pre-operation profit estimation and cost early warning, and effectively helps logistics enterprises to improve management.

Customer value

Collect and integrate the transportation information of shippers, third-party logistics companies, transportation companies, drivers, consignees, etc., and carry out collaborative management and visual monitoring on the whole process of logistics and transportation, so as to improve the work efficiency and resource utilization rate of transportation operations and reduce logistics costs

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