Gdisoft Distribution Network Automation Control System Software

Gdisoft Distribution Network Automation Control System Software



The State Grid Corporation of China clearly pointed out at the 2000 National Power Grid Dispatching Meeting that we will adhere to the development direction of the nationwide connection through networks, the transmission of electricity from the western region to the eastern region, and the connection between the southern region and the northern region. The reliability cannot be lowered in systematic connection. Our hydropower resources are mainly distributed in the west and southwest of China. The developable electric power there accounts for 82.9% of the national total. The coal resources are mainly distributed in North China and Northwest China, which accounts for 80% of the national total. The load centers are mainly in the central part and the eastern coastal areas in China and the economic aggregate and power consumption in the two regions respectively account for 82% and 78% of the totals in China. This situation determines the development directions of China’s power industry to be the nationwide connection through networks, the transmission of electricity from the western region to the eastern region, and the connection between the southern region and the northern region. To ensure that the reliability will not be lowered after the nationwide connection is realized, it is essential to strengthen the safe and reliable operation of the power plants and transformer substations and enhance their automation levels.


Based on Windows operating systems, Gdisoft Distribution Network Automation Control System Software adopts the master station/substation 2-layer structure operation mode and the system structure combining the distributed and the centralized characteristics, compatible with different communication modes and communication protocols and capable of viewing the operation status and optimizing the operation mode of the distribution network at any time. The fault location, isolation and power restoration can be carried out automatically. The power failure time of users can be shortened and the distribution network reliability can be enhanced. The system can be used in different power plants and transformer substations to meet the monitoring and control demands of different users.



Integrated Design

It is a system integrating SCADA/DA/DMS. The function expansion of the software and hardware does not affect the normal operation of the system. The system can be connected with the systems of other manufacturers.

Open Centralized System Structure

The master station adopts the distributed structure that organically connects with all the other parts and functions. The data, information, communication channels and the other resources can be shared and the system can be easily expanded by such structure.

Powerful Communication Capacity

Different network structures are supported. The dual-network structure adopts a method by which the redundancy and the backup are combined to ensure the reliability of the real-time transmission by the system network.

Good Safety Performance

The system provides complete safety management and determines different function subsets according to users’ rights, so as to ensure system safety.

Perfect Data Management System

The system adopts the data management system that combines the real-time database and the commercial database. It meets the real-time requirements and ensures the safety of historical database and the standard by which it can be connected with other systems.

Powerful Graphics System

The multi-plane multi-layer graphics system has the roam function, zoom function, tour guide function, etc. In addition, the information on various devices can be inquired on geographic maps after being combined with the geographic information system.

Front-end System for Projects

The second level substation system which includes the integrated NMU-8000 data acquisition devices is adopted.

Embedded Virtual Machine Providing Powerful Calculation Engine

Besides various conventional SCADA calculation functions, the system provides a powerful database calculation engine. Users can use the operators, relation characters and the statement IF THEN ELSE of C language at will to describe various complex real-time calculation. The calculation formulas can be described online, which does not need any static offline compilation.

Powerful Report System

Characters, data items, expressions, files, pictures or bitmaps can be inserted into the reports. The system provides a calculation engine for the calculation of the report data items, to integrate the images and texts and realize the concept of what you see is what you get.

WEB Services

It provides Intranet-based Web services and realizes the sharing of MIS network, the SCADA system information for the upper level scheduling, pictures and reports. The convenience in the management and networking sharing brought by the Web services is much better than that in the traditional network bridge or data forwarding.

Personalized Human Computer Interface

It supports personalized design and open plug-in interfaces which users can customize by themselves.

Functional Framework


Basic Functions

Real-time data acquisition

Remote control, remote regulating, remote setting, remote monitoring

Alarm (including out-of-limit alarm, deflection alarm and accident alarm); the output forms: audio alarm, picture alarm and voice alarm.

The formula calculating includes the real-time calculation, statistical calculation and conditional judgment.

Bar graphs, curve graphs, pie graphs, etc. can be used to indicate various remote measurements.

Provide abundant electric power system symbols, display directly different information on screens, and hard copies of screens can be produced online.

Hierarchical display of graphs can be implemented. The circuit topology analyses and dynamic coloring can be carried out.

Post disturbance review, accident reconstruction and post disturbance review report printing

Reports integrating images and texts (daily reports, monthly reports and annual reports) can be printed or printed at random.

It has complete library of protocols and can communicate with various devices.

Each of the two machines is the hot standby machine of the other.

Each of the two channels is the hot standby channel of the other.

The communication parameters of all the plants and the modem parameters can be set online.

Different simulation (telecommand deflection, event records, telecontrol in service and out of service) can be carried out.

It has the carrier frequency control function.

Multiple protection interface, simulation screen interface and astronomical clock interface

MIS system interface

GPS time setting

Load monitoring system interface

AGC function

Operation order generation function

Online diagnosis function

Powerful database retrieval function



Customers’ Benefits

The distribution network automation control system integrates monitoring and control functions. The software platform can bring customers the following things:

First, the front-end monitoring machine implements the monitoring of the operation conditions at all the levels, acquires data from various devices in real time, reduces the human costs and decreases the manual workload;

Second, the distribution network automation control system has good expandability. If users need to add new devices or remove some devices, it can be easily operated. No secondary development is needed. The life cycle of the software is long;

Third, the graphic interfaces are easy to use, which helps users to find and solve problems and reduce the loss caused by device failure.

Successful Cases

(2011-2015) Shenzhen Distribution Network Automation System

(2011-2014) Hangzhou Distribution Network Automation System

(2011-2014) Ningbo Distribution Network Automation System

(2013-2014) The Urban Data Center of Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

(2013-2014) Jiangwan Substation Automation System, Shanghai

(2015) Jianggongzhu Automation System, Yangshan, Shanghai

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